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Infinity Cutting Tools has all of the standard woodworking carbide router bits you need to complete your next woodshop project. In addition, we offer some exclusive router bits in profiles and sizes that are exclusive to Infinity. Whatever your project calls for, Infinity Cutting Tools is sure to have the router bits you need:

General purpose router bit sets fill in the gaps for your basic wood routing needs.

Door making router bits are for building custom cabinet doors plus interior doors and exterior doors for your home.

Use Edge making router bits for creating custom profiles to create eye-catching appeal on your next woodworking project.

Flooring router bits allow you to create the tongue and groove joinery for making your own hardwood flooring.

Flush trim router bits are perfect for template and pattern routing or trimming joints flush.

Joinery router bits create perfect, gap-free joints including tongue and groove, dovetail, finger joints, glue joints, drop leaf rule joints, lock miters, rabbets, drawer lock, and birds mouth joints.

Grooving router bits include mortise and tenon router bits, round-nose bits, lettering bits, bits for making bowls and trays, sign-making bits, plus dado and planer router bits.

Molding router bits allow you to create an endless variety of moldings for your home and woodworking projects including door and window casing as well as crown molding.

Slot making router bits include Infinity’s highly respected slot cutters; keyhole and picture-hanging router bits; T-slot, channel, and hinge router bits; screw slot router bits; biscuit joining router bits; tongue and groove router bits for plywood; tongue and groove router bits for thin stock; and slip tongue flooring router bits.

Straight and spiral router bits are the go-to router bits for creating all manner of joinery. Our selection includes dado and planer router bits; mortise and tenon router bits; straight router bits; top bearing pattern router bits; straight router bits with plunge point; solid carbide spiral router bits; solid carbide spiral flush trim router bits; and a 2-pc. down-cut spiral set for plywood dado cuts.

Specialty router bits include edge banding router bits for plywood; our exclusive stepped rabbeting router bit; tongue and groove flooring router bits; flute and bead router bits; window sash router bits; and our wainscoting router bit.