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Here at Infinity Cutting Tools, not only do we supply the best in woodworking router bits and routing accessories, we also provide all you need to use these tools safely. Our selection of pushblocks, router sleds, workpiece holders, and other work-holding accessories will help you use your hand-held router and router table more safely.


The Micro Jig GRR-Ripper push blocks and accessories are the top of the line in versatility for cutting and routing operations in the woodworking shop. Famous for their GRR-Ripper push blocks, Micro Jig offers the ultimate in safety and convenience.


Infinity Cutting Tools has developed their coping and crosscut sleds and accessories to securely hold a workpiece when routing or cutting end grain at the router table. If you build cabinet doors or any other type of frame-and-panel construction, you'll get much better results when cutting the rails by using a coping sled.

The Vertical Router Sled was developed by Infinity Cutting Tools to facilitate routing workpieces vertically at the router table. It's design holds the workpiece securely for the smoothest, safest cuts.

Routing or cutting small pieces at the router table or table saw can be a risky proposition. Our Small Workpiece Holder securely holds the workpiece, keeping your fingers safely away from the spinning bit or blade.


One of the basic accessories every woodworker should own is a set of featherboards. They're the perfect accessory for the table saw or router table to help hold and guide a workpiece throughout the cut for the smoothest, safest results while preventing kickback. We offer a variety of featherboards and hold-downs to make your routing and table saw operations in the woodworking shop safer.

Bow Products offers a line of unique featherboards that use a revolutionary finger design to support the workpiece without marring. This design is also very effective at preventing kickback.


Milescraft featherboards, push sticks, and TriGrips non-slip work supports offer a tremendous value in shop safety gear and accessories.

JessEm Clear-Cut Stock Guides are the ultimate accessory for your router table. They excel at securing the workpiece during the routing operation while applying downward pressure toward the table and against the router table fence. This results in the smoothest, most consistent cuts. Perhaps more important, is that the Clear-Cut Stock Guides also prevent dangerous kickback.


Magswitch magnetic systems take workholding accessories to a whole new level. Their unique, magnetic switches firmly attach to ferrous surfaces such as a cast iron table saw or steel router table top. Their firm grip, plus abundance of featherboard and fence accessories and attachments make the Magswitch system one of the most vertatile in workholding for your workshop.