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Router Bits and Accessories

Routing Accessories

Infinity Cutting Tools offers a wide variety of woodworking routers and wood routing accessories including router bits, router tables, featherboards and workholding accessories, bearings and stop collars for router bits, and a variety of router jigs and guides.

Router Bits & Sets

Infinity Cutting Tools’ woodworking router bits are some of the best router bits manufactured. Unlike cheap router bits, we start with quality materials including micro-grain carbide for sharper, longer-lasting cutting edges. The bodies of our router bits feature a CNC-machined, anti-kickback design for safer, smoother cuts whether you’re using a router table or a hand router. All Infinity Cutting Tools woodworking router bits are laser-etched for quick identification when selecting a router bit.

MillRight CNC Machines

Our MillRight CNC Machines are now a part of the Infinity Cutting Tools family. We're proud to include this feature-laden, but affordable line of CNC machines in our inventory. Made in the USA and built to elevate the small CNC user to industrial levels without breaking the bank.

Triton Routers & Router Table Packages

Our Triton routers are featured in our router table packages and can also be used as a hand-held wood router. These woodworking routers have several innovative features for maximum performance and convenience in the woodworking shop.

Router Jigs & Guides

We offer a wide range of woodworking router jigs and guides to make building projects using your router easy, safe, and hassle-free. From building cabinets with frame and panel cabinet doors to making trays and bowls for your next party, we’ve got you covered. Our router setup jigs ensure proper router bit setup at the router table for quick, professional results every time.

Featherboards & Workholding

When it comes to safety and convenience, Infinity Cutting Tools offers a wide range of routing accessories as well as featherboards and workholding accessories. These include router coping sleds, a vertical router sled, router table stock guides, and many more. Our goal is to make you more productive with your wood router in your woodworking shop.

Bearings & Stop Collars

Finally, our bearings and stop collars expand the versatility of your wood router bits and make for quick replacement of worn router bit bearings.