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Woodworking comes with it's fair share of hazards. Some common dangers of woodworking are; exposure to air born debris, excessive noise from power tools and machinery, flying bits of wood shavings and skin contact with adhesives and oil based finish.  That's why we offer a full selection of the safety gear you'll need to keep yourself protected from these common shop dangers. 


Breathing hazardous particles, gases and vapors can be harmful to your health. Did you know that saw dust is a known carcinogen? This is why we recommend keeping your lungs healthy by blocking saw dust or any chemicals in the air. Whether you're cutting wood with one of our Infinity Sawblades or using a wood finish on your project, we've got you protected. Whether your project call for basic dust protection or you need NIOSH approved respirators, we've got you covered.  


These products are a no-brainer for anyone who has used any type of finish or glue. Keeping gloves and an extra pair of coveralls will ensure you're ready to take on those messy projects. Sure, you can wash your hands after applying finish but it's better and easier to just rip off a pair of gloves and throw them in the trash. No mess, no fuss. 


One of the main areas of danger while woodworking is the chance that a piece of debris from your workpiece gets close to your face or eyes. You need to protect your delicate eyes and face from this and other workshop dangers. We offer Safety Glasses made from high-impact resistant polycarbonate that are a must-have while woodworking. If you don't have a pair on hand purchase a couple today so you never have to be without. 


The shop is a loud environment. Routers, tablesaws, jointers and planers make one heck of a ruckuss. Not using adequate ear protection is one of the most common woodshop dangers. When it comes to hearing protection for the shop we've got options for you. We offer OSHA approved hearing protection in the form of simple ear plugs as well as super cool Bluetooth earplug headphones. Of course we also offer the tride and true ear muffs that protect your sensitive hearing. With so many hearing protection options there is no reason to not be looking after your hearing.