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We wouldn’t want you applying wood finish with your bare hands, that’s why we sell brushes, spray guns, safety equipment and other accessories! We want to make sure that the finishing touches to a project turn out looking their absolute best.


Sanding and finishing a project can be the messiest of steps, and because of that you want to protect your lungs, hands and eyes. The products in this section are selected to provide the best protection for you so that your woodworking will continue to give you pleasure for a long time.


We take the drudgery out of sanding your woodworking project by offering high-quality sandpaper with quick-cutting abrasives to get the job done fast. Our selection of sandpaper includes conventional sheets, wet/dry sandpaper, sanding belts, sanding disks, scuff balls, and foam sanding pads. We feature abrasives from Klingspor and Mirka. These top brands offer you the best in sanding performance with long-lasting sandpaper that cuts fast for quick results. Check out our Mirka Abranet sanding disks for an easy upgrade for your disk sander that greatly reduces sanding dust in the workshop!


After your project is sanded smooth and ready for a wood finish, Infinity Cutting Tools is proud to offer wood finishes from Odie’s Oil, General Finishes, and wood oil finishes from Preserve. These wood oil products are easy to apply and really bring out the luster and figure of the wood grain to make it really pop. Your friends and family are sure to complement your project while running their fingers across the smooth wood finish.


Some woods have a very tight grain structure and can almost look like glass when a finish is applied. Others have a very open grain, and if that's not the ultimate finish you're looking for (especially if you're painting your project), then a grain filler is likely a great addition to your next project.