iVac Automated Dust Collection Systems

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There are two types of iVAC systems: The iVAC Switch Box and the iVAC Pro System.

iVAC Switch Box

The iVAC Switch box is a stand alone box that you plug both your dust collector AND your power tool into. It’s a plug and play system and works great for any tool hooked up to a smaller dust collector running at 115 VAC rated at no more than 6 amps. It does not work with 240 VAC.

iVAC Pro System - Three main components; the Pro Tool, Pro Switch and Contactor.

The iVac Pro System was born from the popularity of the iVAC Switch Box and works with your 115 vac and 240 vac equipment in shops with multiple power tools being served by the same dust collector. The iVAC Pro system allows the user to mix and match Power Tools & Dust Collectors which operate on different voltages and current ratings. One Switch runs your dust collector and one Tool is required for each power tool being served by the dust collector. Do you need the Contactor? See below.


If your dust collector draws more than 8 amps (regardless of voltage) you need an iVAC contactor. If you need the Contactor then you ALSO need one 115VAC 15 or 20 amp switch that will drive the Contactor. The iVac contactor works for your larger dust collection systems up to 10hp.

TOOL H.P. - For 3-phase machines or any machine drawing more than 20 amps.

If your tool runs on three phase, 240 VAC and draws more than 20 amps you will need the iVac Pro Tool H.P.

Both the TOOL & SWITCH are available as 115Vac 15A, 115Vac 20A, 240Vac 20A (8 models in total). The 15Amp versions were made available for workshops that are already pre-wired. If possible, we strongly recommend that you use the 20Amp versions, since these models will accommodate both 15Amp and 20Amp plugs and are less susceptible to start up current surges.