In the event that a product we offer becomes subject to a safety concern necessitating a recall, we take the following steps to inform our customers:

  1. We promptly notify all customers for whom we have purchase records.

  2. We also reach out to other customers who acquired the product through our website or whose identity can be established through our sales records.

  3. Additionally, we display recall notices prominently on our official website.

Our objective is to ensure that every customer who may be affected by a product recall is promptly informed and aware of the situation.

Current Product Safety Recalls

We urge you to thoroughly examine the particulars of each product safety recall and adhere to the provided recall instructions. If you are aware of individuals who possess the impacted product, kindly pass along the current recall information to them. Your vigilance can help ensure everyone's safety.

No known recalls at this time.

    To find details on additional product recalls, you can visit the following websites:

    These resources offer comprehensive information on product recalls to help ensure your safety.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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