Tear-Out Free Template Work with Dual-Bearing Compression Router Bits

These router bits are a step up from standard pattern bits. Solid carbide compression router bits leave a very clean edge in complicated grains, and the dual-bearing design allows for pattern work with the pattern mounted either above or below the work piece.

Infinity's compression router bits provide quality tear-out-free cuts at the top and bottom of the cut, and are perfect for template work in woods with complicated grains and plywood. These dual-bearing solid C4 micrograin carbide bits make that cut even better, and they'll stay sharp longer! By adding bearings both above and below the cutting flutes, you can work accurately with patterns mounted either above or below the workpiece. We offer both a 1/4" and 1/2"-shank router bit to best meet your application, as well as a money-saving two-router-bit set. 

The beauty of a dual-spiral compression router bit is the dual-flute design, with one facing up and the other facing down. These skewed cuts help support the wood fibers from both sides during the cutting process, preventing splintering and tear out.

The 85-940 is the beefiest of the two router bits. This ½” shank router bit has a ¾” diameter and a 1-½” cutter height. This router bit is able to easily cut plywood or solid wood (even cherry without burning). This is a solid router bit with great performance.

As mentioned, Cherry (prone to burning when cut) is no issue with the solid carbide compression router bits. Even when cutting across a void, the cut is clean and tearout free!

The 85-250 is the ¼” shank router bit. It has a ½” diameter cut with a 1” cutter height. It has All the features of the 85-940, but also includes the ability to follow patterns into tight corners because of it's smaller diameter.

This tricky corner was cut in two passes, both running from the outside into the corner to provide the best cut against the tricky grain. This was easily accomplished with the dual-bearing router bit by flipping the board over and raising the router  bit! That’s a clean cut into a tricky corner. Make sure your template work is flawless with our Solid Carbide Compression Router Bits.Dav