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Dust-Collecting Professional Drill Press Fence Keeps Things Clean and Visible!

The NEW Infinity Tools Professional Drill Press Fence is an upgrade in every way. Larger to better support your work, easily located, T-tracks for adding stops and best of all – dust collection! Through-the-fence dust collection easily connects to your dust collector and pulls dust and debris away from your work to keep things tidy and visible! 

This upgrade to our popular drill press table is a welcome addition. And not just for our table, but it will prove a nice upgrade to many after-market drill press tables. Of course, the addition of through-the-fence dust collection is a great asset, but the fence itself is a nice improvement!

The extruded aluminum fence is sturdy and sized to support larger workpieces. Fully adjustable across standard T-track attachments, the fence easily moves into position and locks down for maximum support. 

The milled fence opening is wide enough to accomodate sanding drums and Forstner bits, as well as any smaller applications. 

Whether making fine dust, or dust chips, the dust and debris can make it hard to follow a line when sanding, or to locate a drilling location. Plus, it's just a mess, and can also keep your workpiece from fitting fully against the fence! 

With the through-the-fence dust collection, things stay tidy and visible! Performance will depend on your dust collection and the diameter of hose used, so when possible, keep the horsepower up and the diameter down!

The fence is designed to connect to a variety of dust collection options, the 1-½” connector stub fits many commercial vacuum hoses ... 

... as well as our Quick-Snap connectors (that will give you a variety of options to best match your dust collector, as well as making connection a snap!

Again, keeping the hose diamer smaller improves air movement, but many shop vacuums use a 2-1/4" diameter hose, so we included an adapter to keep things simple. 

One optional add-on that we recommend is our flip stop sized to work perfectly with our larger fence. Great for setting a single location, or if you attach two flip stops you can set a drilling distance, left-to-right. And, of course, when not in use the stop quickly flips out of the way. Mounted in a standard T-track, the stops can be positioned anywhere along the fence. 

Keep your drill press clean, and easier to use with the new Professional Drill Press Fence (and don't forget the flip stops!)