Easily Add Our Mini Power Feeder to Your Cast-Iron Machines

 Add a Magnetic Base (MPF-MAG) to our popluar Mini Power Feeder for any attachment to any cast-iron topped machinery! Easily add our power feeder to your table saw, cast-iron router table or shaper without needing any extra hardware! We've also created a set including both the power feeder and magnetic base (MPF-SET) and priced it to save you money!

The Infinity Mini Power Feeder has been turning home shops into production shops for years. Now we've made it even more convenient to use on cast-iron topped machines my adding a magnetic base!

 Our original Mini Power Feeder easily attaches to router tables with threaded inserts, or our handy adapter plate. Now it's just as easy to add to a shaper or your table saw using the new Magnetic Base (MPF-MAG).


The Mini Power Feeder quickly attaches to the magnetic base using four mounting bolts. If you haven't added a Mini Power Feeder to your shop yet, we're also offering a money-saving set with both the feeder and the magnetic base (MPF-SET).

 The magnetic base is simple to use, but because of the three powerful Nickel-Boron magnets in the base, it takes a little more than muscle power to lift if off your machine. 


That's where the Lift Assist Knob comes into play. By spinning the knob you raise or lower the Lifting Foot to make attachment and detachment mechanical and not muscle-powered. 

With the Lifting Foot extended and the magnetic bond broken, the magnetic base and power feeder can then be lifted off the machine using the center Lifting Handle. We don't recommend lifting by the Lift Assist Knob due to the weight of the combined unit. 

Make your cast iron table saw, router table or shaper a production tool with our Mini Power Feed with Magnetic Base.