Solid Carbide Pattern Router Bits Also Plunge Cut!

Infinity Tools compression router bits are the best choice when working with patterns that mount on top of the finished product. Whether working on a router table, or freehand, the compression design of the flutes guarantees a clean cut, while the top-mounted bearing assures a smooth copy. Perfect for plunge pattern work!

The 85-230B, 1/4"-shank router bit (1/2" cutting diameter and a 1-1/8" cutter height) is your best choice when working with patterns with tight corners and curves. And if your pattern includes cuts in the center of the panel, then this router bit will be your best friend, being perfect for plung cuts. The solid carbide construction provides a long-lasting sharp cut, while the compression design of the flutes guarantees a clean cut.

The 1/4"-shank, top-mounted bearing, pattern bit makes smooth work of matching a profile radius accurately (convex, or concave!).

Our 85-930B, 1/2"-shank compression bit (3/4" cutting diameter and a 2" cutter height) is the perfect choice for larger pattern work, or for flush trimming thicker pieces.

For creating a groove when following a pattern, both of these premium quality router bits produce a clean recess thanks to their compression flute design.

These Infinity Tools router bits are also the right match for creating clean mortises in plywood - another tricky-grained product -  or any wood! And compression bits are great for plunge router operations! Long-lasting, clean-cutting and accurate when following a guide. You’ll find either (or both) of these bits will spends a lot of time in your router!