Tame the Grain with Goodfilla's Wood Filler

Gork's GoodFilla water-based wood filler can be used as a grain filler, primer, knot filler, and much more! Use GoodFilla to smooth out deep groves in hardwood floors, window sills, scratched doors, tables, furniture, and on any wood surface that needs attention. Easy to work and high-quality results every time.

A fully-fleshed example of what a wood grain filler can accomplish.

Not every woodworker is looking for a completely grainless finish as shown on the poplar (yes, poplar!) guitar above, but it's sure nice to know it's possible! That's one extreme of wood filler, but why else would you need it?

Open grain. A natural state of being.

Wood, (and some woods especially, such as oak and walnut) will have a natural look of open grain. Areas where part of the grain pattern recesses below the overall surface of the board. In some furniture styles that look is prized (Arts & Crafts), in others (Chippendale) quite the opposite. So we've learned to tame the grain.

Wood filler, the great equalizer.

Gork's Goodfilla Wood filler can be used to build those low areas up to the surface of the wood, without obscuring the grain pattern. The "level" of levelling is up to you and can be adjusted during the application of the wood filler. 

The sheen says it all.

Shown in a raking light, you can see the open pore finish on the left, while the filled surface on the right shows a more even and uniform surface. 

Not just for levelling.

As you can see above, Goodfilla's filler is offered in a variety of tinted options, and can even be tinted by the user. The pickling on the left and Red Oak on the right are both "from the can" options, while the center blue tint was color added to a base filler. 

Easy application. The filler can be applied with a putty knife or finishing pad. Apply with, and against the grain to get the best penetration.

When dry, the filler is sanded flush to the surface.

A top coat finishes the process. Multiple applications may be required to build to a full guitar-worthy finish.

Go Blue! Or whatever color appeals to you!

As you've seen above, application is not complicated at all. And you'll see the addition of blue dye to the filler to add a dramatic effect to the wood grain. 

Dried up!? No worry!

Because Gork’s Goodfilla is a water-based product, WHEN (and we all know it will happen) the filler dries out, you can add water and reconstitute the filler so it can be used again. That's saving a few pennies!

Gork's Goodfilla - A great option when taming the grain.

I should also mention that while Goodfilla's is water based, it is fully compatible under solvent-based finishes and not just for waterborn finishes. So next time you need to level the playing field, think Goodfilla's!