Narex 8-Pc Carving Set — For Serious Carvers

The Narex 8-Piece Professional Carving Chisel Set includes a versatile collection of straight, bent, and spoon-type carving chisels intended to cover most any need for the modern woodcarver. Perfect for use in a push grip or light mallet work, if you carve, a professional collection of carving tools like these should be a part of your tool arsenal.

Narex 8-Pc. Professional Carving Chisel Set (101-789)

The Narex Profi line of chisels and hand tools is for the woodcarver who appreciates the value of a tool made to professional-quality standards. Forged from chrome-vanadium steel and heat-treated to 59 HRC. With handles that are made from stained European beechwood and featuring an easy-to-grip octagonal barrel shape, these chisels afford the user the best balance between comfort and control you can find.

The chisels come in a finely made wooden box, complete with foam padding to protect the cutting edges during transport. These carving chisels provide yeoman's work for furniture details, so no need to be a carver to benefit from their quality.

However, if you are a serious carver, this set will provide an excellent selection of shapes and tips to handle any number of complicated designs and tasks. All these tools work equally well in a two-handed grip or under blows from a mallet.

This 8-piece set includes a versatile collection of three straight gouges, three spoon gouges, a bent gouge, and a 60° v-gouge chisel.

Narex 8-Pc. Professional Carving Chisel Set (101-789)

The set includes: Straight #3 Sweep x 12mm Gouge; Straight #7 Sweep x 16mm Gouge; Straight #11 Sweep x 4mm U-Gouge; Straight #41 Sweep x 8mm V-Gouge; Bent Neck #5 Sweep x 12mm Gouge; Spoon Neck #8 Sweep x 4mm Gouge; Spoon Neck #9 Sweep x 4mm Gouge and Spoon Neck #7 Sweep x 12mm Gouge

If you're serious about your love for carving wood, then this collection of high-quality chisels will represent an investment that will pay off for a lifetime.