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Infinity Cutting Tools specializes in all of the woodworking tools and accessories you need for sawing and cutting hardwood, softwood, plywood, MDF, melamine, and a variety of other materials in your woodworking shop. Infinity Tools’ saw blades are among the best in the industry. We provide a wide selection of woodworking saw blades for your table saw, bandsaw, miter saw, and track saw. We also offer blades for oscillating tools. Our selection of hand saws are a sure-fire way to take your craftsmanship in the workshop to the next level on your woodworking projects.

Infinity Tools has everything you need to get maximum performance from your table saw. Besides our premium-quality table saw blades and dado saw blades, we offer a wide range of table saw accessories including zero-clearance inserts; jigs, sleds, and hold-downs; and sanding discs.

For your miter saw, Infinity Cutting Tools provides the best in miter saw blades. For the smoothest cuts possible, we also offer zero-clearance inserts for your miter saw.

Infinity Tools also offers a broad selection of bandsaw blades and bandsaw accessories. Our Infinity Rip bandsaw blades are specially made for ripping and resawing. Our Olson bandsaw blades are the industry standard for your woodworking projects.

Finally, if you own or are considering a track saw for your shop, Infinity Cutting Tools has you covered. Our track saw blades and track saw accessories make cutting sheet goods down to size hassle-free.