What Makes a Good Resaw Bandsaw Blade? Infinity Tools!

Infinity Rip Bandsaw Blades

Our name is important, so we don't put it on a product that doesn't meet our exceptionally high standard of quality. Thinner, flawlessly engineered, and twice as strong, try one of our Infinity Rip Blades for yourself, and we think you'll agree that they couldn't be called anything less than an Infinity Cutting Tool!

What makes a good resaw bandsaw blade? I'll tell you!

A blade that is manufactured so well that it's guaranteed against failure and performs better than any competitor on the market. 

Our dedicated resaw blades are engineered to be twice as strong as ordinary bandsaw blades thanks to the carbon-manganese steel uniblade structure.

Our advanced tempering method ensures a weld so flawless that it is structurally indistinct from the rest of the blade.

Infinitiy Rip Blades are thinner than any you've ever tried before.

Let's take a look... 

First, why are our blades yellow? They're not. Each blade is shipped with a protective paper covering to ensure that it's in the best shape possible when it arrives. Just another little touch we like to add. 

Teeth are precision ground, sharpenend and tempered. Each tooth is hardened and tempered individually. Each blade includes a variable tooth pattern. There are sections of 3 teeth-per-inch and sections of 4 teeth-per-inch. This eliminates vibration and harmonics that effect cut quality. The blade body is made of spring steel and measures  just 0.022"-thick, these dedicated resaw blades are 40% thinner than standard bandsaw blades. A thin resaw blade means less waste from each work piece, and less strain on your bandsaw's motor

The blade is precision welded to provide a smooth back edge. It's also carefully spaced to avoid interference with the teeth and doesn't effect the temper of the surrounding band. We guarantee the blade against breakage at the weld for the life of the blade.

The proof is in the results, and since these are resaw blades, that sounds like a good test! 

Thin, consistent cuts with smooth faces. That's a nice cut. 

The next time you're book-matching a beautiful piece of spalted anything, think of Infinity Tool's Rip Bandsaw Blades for a perfect cut and impressive product.