Cutting Straight to the Point: Choosing the Correct Straight Router Bit for Your Woodworking Projects

Infinity Straight Router Bits

Use Infinity premium straight router bits for dadoes, rabbets, pattern cuts or virtually any application requiring a straight edge. Get the most out of your investment with these high-quality straight router bits. With dozens of straight router bits to choose from we're sure to have the right size and specification for your next job.

Straight Router Bits do the Work

Certainly the “bread and butter” of woodworking bits, straight router bits are available in a wide variety of sizes. Their C4 carbide-tipped cutters promise smooth long-lasting cuts, yet they’re relatively inexpensive compared to spiral bits. Available in standard, pattern routing, and flush trimming varieties … these workhorse router bits from Infinity have you covered. 

Flush Trimming Router Bits

With a ball bearing mounted at the tip, flush trimming router bits are the perfect choice for cleaning up laminated posts, or almost any flush-trim application.  Even though a flush trim router bit is considered a “straight router bit”, Infinity router bit designs utilize a downshear angle for optimal cut quality.  

Bearing Matches Cutter Diameter

The shear angle of the carbide produces wispy shavings and clean flush trimming cuts – even in chip-out prone hardwoods like white oak.  Since the bearing matches the carbide cutter diameter, you’re guaranteed a flush cut. 

Pattern Routing Bit

Every furniture maker or guitar builder has a prized collection of pattern routing bits.  Like flush trimming router bits, the bearing matches the cutter diameter.  However, the bearing is located on the collet side for a wide range of cuts, including both handheld and router table operations.  Shown is Infinity model #12-771B with ½” shank and ¾” cutter dia. x 2” cutting length.

Cut Close, then Pattern Rout

Use your template to mark a pencil line, and remove most of the waste with a jigsaw or bandsaw.  With the template firmly clamped in place, remove the remaining waste with a pattern routing bit.  Move the router in a counterclockwise direction for the most predictable results.

Mr. Basic

Is a straight router bit the plain one?  Maybe, but what woodworking shop could function without a selection of straight router bits?  Great for cutting dados and rabbets, straight router bits will have your case goods and cabinets coming together flawlessly.

Carcase Dados are a Snap

Chuck a straight router bit in your handheld router, and follow a straightedge to plow perfect dados!  Mr. Basic might do the simple things, but he does them well.  Crisp, clean dados are virtually splinter-free in this wide hardwood panel.

Precise Joinery

Quality carbide tipped straight router bits leave nothing to be desired.  Make sure to outfit your shop with a good variety of these value-conscious router bits.  The payoff is snug fitting joinery for all your woodworking projects. 

Wide Variety of Sizes

Straight router bits are available down to an incredibly small 1/16” diameter for fine precision work.  You’re sure to find the bit for your exact application.

You’ll Never “Sand to the Line” Again

If you only had one part to make, there might be a case for sanding to the line.  However most projects need multiple parts, and benefit from a template and pattern routing bit.  Get unmatched speed and efficiency by pattern routing your parts!