Drawing Simple Curves, Made Fast & Easy With This Trick

How do you draw simple curves?  I like to make a simple drawing bow.  Basically like a small scale archery bow that you can adjust to whatever curve you desire to draw.  This will not replace a trammel or other more accurate arc drawing systems, but it is a very good way to draw a simple organic curve quickly.

I start with a thin piece of hardwood, hardboard, plexiglass, or melamine that is around 1/8" thick. It will need to be a bit longer than your workpiece.  It can be helpful to have multiple lengths laying around.

IMG_7041 IMG_7042

I cut two slots in the ends that go in about an inch.  I then mark the center point between the two wood kerfs.  Tie a string onto a small dowel piece and slide the string into the kerf on one end of your thin stick.  Now, you just bend the stick to your desired curve and tie off the string on the other end.  Pretty simple and quick way to make a quick curve.

IMG_7043 IMG_7044 IMG_7052

Now just lay out your lines, cut and sand.

IMG_7051 IMG_7053

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