If You Use Routers Our Router Bit Survival Kit Is A Must-Have!

33-Pc. Router Bit Bearing Emergency Kit

You just lost the set screw for the bearing stop collar on that crucial router bit—and you're middle of a project. What-ho! Our emergency router bit bearing kit is here to save the day, laden with replacement bearings, screws, and hex keys to pull you back from the brink of emotional breakdown.

Where is the bearing for my router bit?  Ugh, this bearing is so gunked that it isn't spinning anymore.  This will be safe without the stop collar, right?  We've all been there before, the dreaded router bit emergency! Router bits with bad or missing bearings, no stop collars, lost router bit screws, or missing hex wrenches.  I know I've tossed these bits into the back of the drawer and grabbed a new one or different one when this has happened before, but no more. This great little set should cure what ails you and your router bits with few exceptions (this kit in no way, shape, or form makes your broken carbide whole again).

Avoid the emergency with the Infinity Tools 33-Piece router bit emergency kit. We've assembled the most common router bit accessories including hard-to-find bearings, dust shields, stop collars and hex keys all in this convenient little package. These small parts are critical to keep you going on your project but they are very difficult to find when you need them. We've solved this problem for you. No more panicking or wasting time, just go to your handy little plastic storage case and grab the bearing, stop collar or hex wrench that your router bits are missing. The emergency bearing kit includes (2) 1/4" stop collars, (2) 1/2" stop collars, (15) replacement router bit bearings of varying sizes, (2) stepped dust shields, (2) large dust shields, (5) router bit bearing screws, (2) router screw hex wrenches, and (2) stop collar hex wrenches.

That's a lot of good stuff to fix your router bits and get you out of just about any router bit pickle you find yourself in (chart below shows all included items). So the next time you're in the shop and reach for your favorite pattern bit only to notice the top bearing kit is missing - don't stress. Just reach for our super handy router bit emergency bearing kit and you'll have everything you need to get you back to your project asap. And I don't mean tomorrow or after a special trip to the store, but right now when you are in the middle of a project and need that bit to work perfectly!