Professional Quality Dust Separation for Your Handheld Power Tools

The Infinity Tools Professional Quick-Snap Dust Separator maximizes dust collection efficiency for your handheld power tools. The unit removes large debris and very fine dust from the airstream before reaching your wet/dry vac or extractor, resulting in better suction, less emptying of the vac or extractor's tank, and vastly extending the life of filters and collection bags. The 9.5 gallon, stainless steel collection tank offers all-day durable collection.

Infinity Professional Quick-Snap Dust Separator

Ideally, only the finest dust particles should come in contact with your wet/dry vac's filter. The Infinity Tools Professional Quick-Snap Separator combines cyclonic action with a unique concave baffle design that results in highly efficient separation of both large and very fine particulates. The result is a clean air stream reaching the vacuum which ensures the vacuum's performance is not compromised by dirty filters that reduce airflow and sealed suction.

Shown as a kit with our Hose & Adaptor Kit (115-281)

The full unit with stainless steel collection bin is available alone, or with our Quick-Snap hose and flex adaptor system. The hose and adpator are also compatible with most brands of wet/dry vac and extractor hoses and cuffs. Used in conjunction with the rest of the Quick-Snap system, you can rest assured that you will have the right connection to hook up your vacuum and add cyclonic separation to virtually any hand-held power tool dust port. 

A picture is worth 1,000 words!

As you can see in the photo, the collected dust is stopped and collected in the separator (right), keeping the filter bags and vacuum motor clear of debris. This extends the life of the vacumm and keeps harmful dust out of your shop.

Sturdy, sealed construction.

Along with the sturdy 9.5 gallon canister, the lid is built to last and seals efficiently to keep the dust where it belongs – in the cannister!

How it works.

It may not be rocket science, but it is science. The dust and chips are pulled into the top of the separator and the shape of the separator spins the waste around the inside walls. Because the dust and chips are heavier, then naturally fall to the bottom of the separator and into the bucket below. The air flow continues up the interior tube and into your shop vacuum, but very little of the waste makes the full trip! Watch the video above for a more detailed description.

A great addition to many tools!

The Infinity Professional Quick-Snap Dust Collection Separator works with most handheld power tools, including circular saws, routers, sanders, miters saws and more! Add professional dust collection to your small power tools today!