New & Improved! Woodworker's First Aid Kit

Woodworking can lead to scrapes, cuts, bruises and worse, so a handy first aid kit is a smart idea. But most first aid kits fall short of what a woodworker might need in a hurry. That's why we prtnered with My Medic to create the Woodworker's First Aid Kit. Unique in the marketplace, it's stocked to include what's needed for woodshop injuries.

We all know that accidents happen in the shop, some minor, and some more serious. The Woodworker’s First Aid Kit prepares you for woodshop accidents in an easily storable and portable kit. Designed FOR woodworkers in partnership with MyMedic, the leader in elevated first aid, this kit features products for woodworkers unlike any other on the market.

Featuring a folding page design for enhanced organization, the individually packed items keep things sterile and easy to find. The bag's Hypalon MOLLE panel is highly durable & lightweight, and includes versatile straps for easy mounting and storing.

The kit includes an array of first aid items, again designed for the woodworker, but we've included items that will prove useful in many first aid situations and would make this kit just as useful in your home and auto, as well as the shop!

For your basic shop injuries we've included Superskin bandages for treating minor cuts or scrapes. Made with SuperSkin technology for utmost comfort, protection, and healing, each sterile bandage features a soothing aloe pad for fast healing. SuperSkin materials are 5x stronger than the average bandage adhesive. We've also included Liquid Skin®, that is a wound glue product that provides a tough, transparent, protective skin barrier that is easy to apply, dries fast so it doesn't run, and stays where you put it. Liquid Skin® adhesive glue works really well for areas of skin that need to flex, making it a terrific woodworking bandage alternative. 

For more serious wounds we've included a QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing. QuickClot fills the need for an over the counter dressing emergencies that combines surgical gauze with Kaolin, a proprietary inorganic material that accelerates the body’s natural clotting process and stops venous and arterial bleeding within minutes of application. And also included is the RATS Tourniquet, the fastest tourniquet on the market and proven in combat.


Other included items for any application include the hydration mod, space blanket, and mini tool kit, as well as Zzips wound closure (an option to stitches), a sprain and fracture wrap, an emergency pressure bandage, a general use medication pack (ibuprofin, aspirin, etc.), a nasal airway breathing tube, a chest seal, a CPR shield for assisted breathing, 
gauze pads, eye wash solution, blister strips, cleaning wipes, gloves, burn gel, scissors & gauze tape. Like we said, the Woodworker's First Aid Kit is unique, and will cover any emergency!