Pro Router Table Package Even Better with Cast Iron Top!

Professional Router Table Package with Cast Iron Top

Our router table package with Cast Iron Top includes all of the top-shelf router table components you need to do your best woodworking. It's everything our Pro Router Table (RTP-103) is, but with a massive cast iron top to sweeten the deal!

We were pretty pleased with what we offered in our RTP-103 flagship, router table, and appropriately so! But when we had the chance to add a cast iron top to this already feature-laden router table, we could only say, "Yes!" The video up top is on the RTP-103, but believe us, the cast iron top takes this tool to a whole new level.

The RTP-104 is solid from the ground up, sporting our Heavy-Duty Tool stand that towers above the competition. The 22-1/2” deep x 26-1/2” wide stand is made of 2mm & 3mm thick powder-coated steel and is height adjustable from 22-1/4” to 43-3/4” tall in 1” increments. The included leveling feet allow for a perfect setup on uneven shop floors and create a rock-solid foundation, but we also offer a 3” Heavy-Duty Double locking Casters upgrade, designed to roll easily over a rough shop floor or sawdust-covered surfaces. Each set supports up to 700 pounds and has a foot pedal that locks both the rolling and swiveling function, so you don’t have to sacrifice stability for mobility.

Our new RTT-006 Cast Iron Router Table Top is made from a solid piece of cast iron and then machined and polished flat. Measuring a full 32" wide x 24" deep and weighing in at over 100 lbs, this router table kills vibration dead in its tracks. The large work area gives you plenty of space to tackle your toughest routing jobs with ease and its standard 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" opening fits most router plates and lifts on the market. The underside of the table has been pre-drilled to easily and quickly accept the Infinity Tools Heavy Duty Tool Stand and Infinity Tools Dust Cube. If you'd prefer to use a different fence, the bottom of the table is also predrilled to accept a JessEm-style router table fence. The miter slot accepts all standard 3/4" and 3/8" miter gauges while the t-slot accepts standard ¼”-20 hex bolts, ¼"-20 t-bolts, and 5/16” t-bolts. The t-slot is perfect for attaching homemade and store-bought fixtures and really increases the versatility of our router table top. The 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" router plate cut out is perfectly matched to accept router plates and router lifts from most manufacturers. 

Our Pro Router Table Fence is made of anodized, heavy-walled, extruded aluminum. Based around a single robust 3-3/16” X 3-3/16” square extrusion, this design innovation improves stability, squareness to the table and workpiece, and above-the-table dust collection capability. The cut-out in the middle of the extrusion is large enough for even the widest router bits. In conjunction with the oversize cutout, the replaceable fence faces can be repositioned along the length of the fence to best accommodate your bit diameter. Unlike inferior MDF fence faces found on competitor products, our fence is fitted with ¾” thick, Micro-Dot Plycore material. The extra lubricity of our Micro-Dot covered faces allow your workpiece to glide effortlessly, and the stability and flatness of the plywood core combine for years of trouble-free service. The top rail extrusion comes with two (2) 17.5” metric and imperial scale rules and has a built-in ¼" x 20 t-track that works with any compatible fixture or hold-down.

The Infinity Tools Microadjust Kit was meticulously designed in partnership with MicroFence. This exclusive fence adjuster features a dial indicator with precise thousandth of an inch (.001) graduations. This is the only router table fence micro adjuster we are aware of which is positionable to single thousandth measurements. You can literally dial in the perfect measurement or sneak up on the ideal fence placement.

The Triton TRA001 Dual-Mode Plunge Router features a powerful 2100W (3-1/4 hp) electronically controlled motor with soft start technology and is perfect for both table-mounted and handheld use. Its built-in lift mechanism eliminates the need for an expensive router lift, saving you hundreds of dollars.  With 8,000-20,000 RPM variable speed, ¼” & ½” collets, and built-in dust shroud you have an award-winning router, ready for any task. The router is shown above with our Aluminum Router Table Insert Plate, C.N.C. machined to exacting standards from premium 6061 aluminum, our router plate has been pre-drilled to accept both the Triton MOF001 (116-269) and TRA001 (116-270) routers. With a 3-7/8" max opening, this Infinity Tools router plate will accommodate even the largest consumer-grade router bits and is guaranteed flat to within .005" across its surface.

The Infinity Tools Dust Cube with Smart Baffle Technology is a vast improvement over other dust boxes on the market—which act mostly as sawdust storage containers. Other designs may help keep debris from spreading around the shop, but they need to be regularly cleaned out. Not so with the Dust Cube.

Shown above while working, the key is our Smart Baffle Technology that directs both the chips and the airflow to the suction point of your collector. Seldom will you find much dust in this box, a major letdown if you love redundant cleaning tasks, but fantastic if you’d rather your dust collection system grab everything the first time around

Just as with our RTP-103 (shown here), the dust collection on the RTP-104 is made available through the insert plate, and through the dust collection port at the end of the fence. The port is integrated as part of the hollow center of the fence extrusion, and keeps your dust collection hose out of the way, improving suction by creating a stronger vacuum in the empty cavity.

Then there's the Infinity 1/8 h.p. Mini Power Feeder will turn your router table into a production workhorse and makes woodworking safer and more enjoyable. Perfectly sized, it bolts directly to the Infinity Router Tabletop but can be adapted to other work surfaces.

Our power feeder (shown here on the RTP-103) keeps your hands safely away from the spinning cutter, provides a consistent feed rate to eliminate burn marks and kickback, and ensures beautiful results when making everything from cabinet doors to crown moldings.

There are even more items that can be added to customize your personal router table, but we think we've got you covered! This is a great router table and will serve you well for many years!