Plugfones - Quality Headphones and Earplugs All In One!

Plugfones - Headphones and hearing protection Plugfones provide 25NRR hearing protection plus great-sounding music.

I would say that most of us like to listen to music while we're in the workshop working on projects...or just sitting on the shop stool with our favorite beverage thinking about the next project. For one, listening to music is relaxing plus, it can help make the more tedious jobs less stressful letting us focus on the task at hand focus. The problem comes when you turn on the router or other noisy tools. Most forms of hearing protection also block out the music.

This is where Plugfones shine. Plugfones combine a traditional set of earplugs (for hearing protection) with great-sounding headphones so that you can listen to your music even while running power tools. I will admit that being able to comfortably listen to music while sanding is a great way to pass the time on one of my least favorite tasks.

The Plugfones have a standard 3.5mm audio jack that fits most portable devices including smartphones and MP3 players. At the opposite end of the cord, you'll find a pair of earplugs. They are rated for 25 decibels Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Pop off the earplugs and you'll find a stem that pipes the sound from the speaker through the earplug.


I've been using Plugfones for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoy them. I keep them plugged into my phone that hangs out in my hip pocket, run the cords up under my shirt, and enjoy the music. The earplugs are comfortable enough to wear all day. I prefer the silicone earplugs over the foam earplugs. And that's the great thing about Plugfones: You get a pair of both styles of earplugs to try out.

The foam earplugs are just like the more traditional earplugs you may already be familiar with. The proper technique to use them is to roll them between your fingers then insert them into your ears and let them expand to seal out noise.

The silicone earplugs have thin fins that conform to your ear canal to block out sound. All you need to do is slip them into place for a snug fit.

You'll know if you've got the earplugs installed correctly when you turn on the music. The music should be clear without sounding muffled. If you sweat a lot like I do, over time the plugs may tend to slide out from your ear. You'll notice a change in the music quality and the loudness of ambient shop noises when this happens. Take a few seconds to snug them back in place.

With the Plugfones properly installed, I can run my router, planer, table saw, and other power tools without compromising the quality of the music I'm listening to.

When the earplugs become dirty or worn, you can order a package of replacements that includes five pairs. The foam and silicone earplugs are available separately.

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There are a couple of things I want to point out about Plugfones. First, be sure the cord isn't dangling where it can get caught on machinery. The safest thing to do is run the cord under your shirt to keep it contained. And make sure not to drive when using Plugfones. You need to be aware of your surroundings and the earplugs would block important sounds like sirens, horns, etc.

The other thing I need to mention is that Plugfones do not have a microphone. So if you're using them with your phone, you'll need to unplug them to make or receive a phone call.

I'm in love with my Plugfones. I wish I had thought of them first. Instead, I'll just head out to the shop and turn up the volume on my 70s and 80s favorite bands.