Perfectly Straight & Spaced Dados with Your Router!

Precision Router Dado Jig

Use your hand-held router and our exclusive jig to make precise dado joints quickly and with confidence. C.N.C. machined from a solid piece of aluminum, this router jig allows you to make precise dados, rabbets and mortises up to 2" (50mm) wide. Includes: Precision Router Dado Jig and case; Brass Guide Bushing; 24"-long Pro-Grip Straight Edge Clamp; ½” Shank Straight Router Bit.

Most woodworkers have likely used a straight edge to guide a router to create a straight and accurate dado, rabbet or groove. It works, but innovations continue, and this set is a big one! To start with, no more straight edge or board clamped to your workpiece. The Pro-Grip Straight Edge is also a solid and reliable clamp, allowing you to position the guide and then lock it into place with the flick of a lever. Moving it to the next position takes just seconds.

Rather than rely on your ability to consistently guide the router base along the clamp (no matter how good you are!) we've added a CNC-milled aluminum jig that rides solidly on the clamp. No chance of wandering here! Even better, the included 3/4" brass guide bushing drops into a snug fit on the jig. The router drops into place quickly and easily, and stays in place during the cut.

The brass guide bushing fits most router base plates, but if you need to switch up, we have a few to consider.

Set the router in place with the guide bushing nestled in its slot, and make your cut. No fuss, and a perfectly straight cut!

The Precision Router Dado Jig is laser marked with both standard and metric scales for accuracy and convenience. The edge of the PDJ is also marked showing the left edge of the cut for 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" router bits so you can be confident with your setup before making a cut. The slide feature allows the Jig to be indexed so that dados of any width can be made so long as your router bit is narrower than the desired finished width, perfect for undersized plywood or custom applications. Make the first pass with the slide at the zero point then reposition the slide for each subsequent pass until your dado is the desired width. Because there is no need to reposition your straight edge clamp you don't have to worry about inconsistent results.

We wouldn't want to let things get knocked around when not in use, so we've included this fitted wooden box to hold the jig, bushing, included Infinity Cutting Tools ½” Shank Straight Router Bit and tools safely tucked away. The Precision Router Dado Jig will change the way you rout grooves and dados!