Perfect Table Saw Set-up, Plus Handy Sanding Station — All In One!

Table Saw Set-Up & Sanding Discs

Use the 10" steel setup-plate to perfectly align your table saw, then flip the plate over and use it as a hook and loop sanding station! With this setup, you can save space in your workshop by converting your 10" table saw into a power sanding wheel!

The setup and sanding disc set.

The Table Saw Setup and Sanding Disc set has only a few pieces, but what it can do is impressive! The 1/8"-thick, 10" plate, milled to perfect flatness on both sides, can be purchased separately, and you can buy the self-adhesive hook disc and assorted grit discs as needed. Or you can buy the complete set.

Setting the plate (and arbor) to the miter slot, step one.

The 5/8" arbor setup disc is milled to fit perfectly flat against any table saw arbor. Once in place, aligning the plate to the miter slot is fairly simple. Using a setup gauge with extendable probe, note the distance at the leading edge of the disc.

Setting the plate (and arbor) to the miter slot, step two.

Then move the setup gauged to the outfeed side of the blad and measure again. The dimension should match the earlier reading. If there's a significat difference between the two, then you'll need to loosen your table saw top from the base and adjust until the dimensions match, then tighten the top on the saw.

Hook & Loop attachment makes replacing old paper a cinch!

With the blade arbor perfectly aligned to the miter slot, you can use the disc for its other valuable purpose, sanding! The self-adhesive hook-material disc is simply applied to one side of the metal disc, add a sanding disc of an appropriate grit,  and then reinstall on the saw.

It's also a great way to switch between grits without wasting sandpaper!

One of the other great things about the replaceable sanding discs is that you can move between grits (going higher to achieve a better finish) without throwing away good sanding paper!

Sanding with a tilted perspective.

Now you can go to town with your new disc sander! But this one has an extra little benefit as well, title the blade and you have an adjustable angle disc sander!

Sneaking up on the perfect miter fit.

Fitting miters on almost anything becomes even easier with the table saw sanding disc. Your miter gauge can be set to match the perfect angle, then light touches against the sanding disc let you sneak up on the perfect fit!

Remember! Only sand on the downward side of the disc to avoid accidents.

One quick safety reminder. Only sand against the infeed half of the disc, not past the center. The rotation of the disc can toss the piece up if you sand on the outfeed side! Upgrade your saw today with the Infinity Setup & Sanding Disc!