The Hurricane 7-1/4" Circular Saw Blades Will Blow You Away!

7-1/4 Our new Hurricane 7-1/4" Circular Saw Blades come in 24 and 40-tooth versions.

I would be willing to bet that if you are reading this you have a circular or "skill saw". Heck, there's a good chance you have more than one. And for good reason, the circular saw is down right versatile. While the saw is used for a lot of different types of work, it's best known for what it does around a construction site. If you need to frame a wall, rough-in a roof, lay sub floor, build concrete forms, or brake down pallets and shipping containers, the circular saw is mandatory. So why should you upgrade your circular saw with our new Hurricane Blades? Keep reading to find out.

Hurricane Irma was the inspiration for our new line of 7-1/4" Circular Saw Blades.

Let's start with the name; while we were designing these blades a little storm named Irma came knocking on our door. We were lucky here in Tampa Bay as Irma only gave us a glancing blow. But for a week before and a week after the storm you could hear the familiar sound of circular saws tearing up plywood any time you stepped outside.

We  know every year when Hurricane season rolls around that you need a blade that is up to the challenge and can handle whatever job you throw at it; from boarding-up to fixing damage after the storm.  We wanted a blade with no compromises, one that won't slow you down on the job site or in the home shop.  The Hurricane blades are exactly what we wanted in our saws.

Hurricane 24 and 40-tooth 7-1/4 Using a special technique to attach the C-4 micro grain carbide tips is one of the reasons our Hurricane 7-1/4" saw blades are tougher-than-nails (literally).

What make the Hurricane blade different from any other 7-1/4" blade? The answer is all in the teeth. The teeth are a C4 carbide that are permanently bonded to the blade body without brazing. This means that the teeth can hold up to some serious abuse. If you have ever hit a nail with a traditional blade you know that the carbide tooth usually comes clean off. The carbide teeth on the Hurricane stay put. We also use a unique grind geometry on the teeth to provide serious durability. A shallow ATB grind with a negative rake angle means that these blades can tackle a lot of different cuts in hardwood, softwood, pallet wood and any kind of sheet or construction grade wood.  These blades are also up to the task of cutting thin wall aluminum and other non ferrous metals.

We offer two different configurations in the Hurricane lineup, a 24 tooth version 007-008 for when you need a fast cutting blade demolition blade, and a 40 tooth blade 007-009 for a smoother finish with a slightly slower feed rate. Both blades are 7-1/4" in diameter with a 5/8" arbor hole and diamond knockout. Both also feature an ultra thin 1/16" kerf that is ultra-efficient and extends the battery life of your cordless circular saw.

We recommend the 24-tooth Hurricane blade for the toughest jobs, like re-roofing, breaking down nail-infested pallets and shipping containers or any time you want the fastest cutting blade to get the job done. The 40-tooth  Hurricane blade is well suited to jobs that require a little lighter touch, anything from framing to sizing sub flooring, and braking down sheet goods for your next cabinet build. The 40-tooth Hurricane blade could be considered the ultimate combination blade for your circular saw.

We cut through dozens of nails and screws with both the 24 tooth and 40 tooth Hurricane blades and never lost a single tooth. These are the finest demolition blades on the market.

When we started testing these blades we were blown away (pun intended) by the fact that we basically could not knock the teeth off the blades. My favorite test was to drive a bunch of different nails and screws in a 2x4 and then cut through all of them. Not only did these new blades cut through 18-gauge brads and 16-gauge finish nails, they also ate 16 penny nails and 2-1/2"drywall screws, never loosing a single tooth. We're not recommending planning your cuts just to see how many bits of metal you can hit, but it sure is nice to know that when you do come across that hidden nail or staple, your not going to destroy your blade.


For more information about the Infinity Tools 7-1/4" Hurricane saw blade be sure to click the product link here.