Make Glass Cabinet Doors with the Exclusive 3-pc. Glass Door-Making Router Bit Sets

3-Pc. Glass Door Making Router Bit Set

Make custom glass doors with our exclusive 3-Pc. Glass Door Making Router Bit Sets! Available in six unique profiles, These router bit sets allow you to make the rails, stiles, and glass stop needed to complete your glass panel door project.

glass door router bit set

One of the most popular additions to a kitchen cabinet or any other cabinet piece is glass cabinet doors. They add a striking design element to the project, give a place to show off that set of fine china, or even help a small kitchen feel just a little bit bigger. The problem in the past has been that there are not a lot of dedicated glass door-making sets available. If you wanted matching glass doors and wood panel doors you needed to buy a glass door kit for your rail and stile router bit set and rearrange the cutters to make the glass door. Then you would still need to make a separate glazing strip (or glass stop) in a separate operation.

Infinity Cutting Tools has solved both of these problems with our 3-pc. Glass Door-Making Router Bit Sets. These glass door sets are available in six profiles to match our rail and stile router bit sets for making wood-panel doors. These include Standard, Ogee, Chamfer, Shaker, Bevel & Radius, and Art Deco.With this exclusive glass cabinet door router bit set, there's no need to worry about rearranging cutters, loosing pieces, or adjusting shims, as in the past. The real bonus to this set is that while you're routing the stile profile on the parts of the door frame, it also creates a glazing strip (as shown in the photo below) that holds the glass in place.

6 different profiles are available

The 3-pc. Glass Door-Making Router Bit Set consists of three router bits: A rail cutter for making the coping cut on the ends of the frame rails, a stile cutter for routing the profile and cutting one side of the rabbet for the glass, and a slot cutter to remove the glazing strip and create the rabbet that holds the glass.

one of the sets in its wooden case

Extra attention was paid to the design of this set to ensure that both the rail and stile cuts are made in a face-down orientation, just like the standard Infinity Cutting Tools matched rail and stile router bit sets. This is really nice for making sets of cabinets that include both raised panel doors and glass doors. The setup and procedure for making the door frames is almost identical, not to mention any difference in material thickness will end up on the back of the frame and not the front.

making the rail cut in the ends of both rails

With the rails and stiles of the door frame cut to overall size, the first step is to make the rail cut in the ends of both rails. You can see this in the photo above. The Infinity Tools coping & crosscut sled is the perfect accessory to make this step quick and accurate.

creating the stile on the frame pieces

Step 2, the stile cutter (shown above) is used to create the stile cut on all four pieces of the frame. This set, unlike any other on the market, also creates a quarter round strip that will later be used as the glazing strip to hold the glass pane in the frame. This takes full advantage of the material rather than sending it to the dust collector.

removing the glazing strip

Step 3, the final step is to use the 1/16" slot cutter (above) to remove the glazing strip from each piece of the frame. With any other glass door bit set this piece of material would be lost because it is rabbeted away and turned into sawdust. While using this third bit does add one step to making the frame, it completely eliminates the process of making the glazing strip. Not to mention that if you're making doors that will receive a clear finish or stain, the glazing strip will be a perfect match in both color and grain because it's cut from the same wood as the door frame. Just be sure to label the pieces so you don't mix them up if you want that perfect match.

setting up the slot cutter

Setting up to use the slot cutter is easy. Just use the bearing to set the router table fence and use a ruler or digital snap gauge to set the top of the cutter on the router bit 7/16" from the table surface. The iGaging Snap Check works great for this.

the set with wooden box

The Infinity 3-pc. Glass Door-Making Router Bit Set includes a wood storage box to keep the bits organized and safe when not in use. If you plan to make glass door for your cabinet projects, the Infinity Cutting Tools 3-Pc. Glass Door-Making Router Bit Sets will certainly simplify the project and ensure you get the most out of your material.