Our Portable Router Table System Is A Must-Have For Home & Job Site Woodworking!

A solid router table with professional features is a must-have for woodworkers. But when your go-to router table is set up for running door frames, a fully-featured portable router table is a great back-up without having to change a bit! And even better, it's portable! 

Infinity’s new Portable Router Table System (PRTS-200) brings full featured capabilities to your workshop – in a combination never before available – including our professional router table fence and flip stop. With our exclusive Dust Cube enclosure as the base of the router table, you fully enclose your trim router to offer reduced noise and a clean work environment. Our measurements showed a reduction of at least half the perceived volume as compared to an open-air router.

The dust cube easily accomodates a wide range of trim routers, and has an angled baffle at the bottom to help direct chips and dust into the built-in dust collection. 

The Dust Cube, with our exclusive Smart Baffle technology, gives you the ability to direct your vacuum’s power right where you need it the most: beneath your router.  The system is 95% efficient at pulling chips and dust away from the cabinet, making clean-up a cinch.

To best meet your shop needs, our PRTS comes standard with a rear port that’s ready to accept your Shop Vac hose. An optional extra is a 4” adapter to let you hook up to standard shop dust collector hoses.

Plus, with the side hose that leads up to the fence, you gain the advantage of even more dust collection through our powerful and efficient dust collection fence. This makes the PRTS perfect for home, shop or even clients’ houses during tricky installations. No other enclosure is as efficient! 


The work top on our PRTS is made of durable and slick Microdot laminate laid over high quality plycore. You’ll have an easy, breezy time feeding your work into the bit for many years to come! The anodized tubular aluminum fence, with included top accessory rail, maximizes your list of possible add-ons and will stay true and accurate for you over time.

We've pictured just a few of the pro accessories that are easy to add to the PRTS – Jessem Stock Guides and Bow Products hold downs – will make your portable router table work just as well as your main, larger router table. 

While the PRTS is designed to be portable, it should stay in place during use (an issue with some portable router tables). The mass of the router table (still only weighing 28 lbs.) sits on four "grabby" feet to keep things from moving around.

I did mention portable, right? Not only will it easily move around your shop, but it's a great helper on job sites, and will keep the clean-up to a minimum. 

Designed for convenience and portability, the PRTS-200 doesn't sacrifice features or performance! Add one to your current full-size router table for always-ready performance capabilities in your workflow.