Carbide Tipped Turning Tools Stay Sharp, Cut Great!

3-Pc. Carbide Wood Turning Tool Set

Our 3-Pc Turning set is perfect for the new turner, pen turners or any turner looking to add carbide tools to their set. With Round, Square and Diamond-shaped cutters, this set will tackle most wood turning tasks.

The 3-Pc Carbide Turning Set, with Case

Our 3-Pc. Carbide Turning Tool Set includes a round, square and diamond shaped turning tools, and comes with a case to keep things organized and protected. The tools have an overall length of approximately 13-1/2", (with each shaft measuring approximately 4"). The attractive and durable Ash handles are 9-1/2" long from the butt to top of the stainless steel ferrule. The handles are ergonomic with molded rubber that enhances your grip and reduces fatigue.

Round turning tool at work.

Each turning tool has a replaceable and rotatable cutter that eliminates the hassle and downtime of sharpening. Simply rotate the carbide cutter for a fresh, sharp edge, and replace it once all available edges have grown dull. The solid carbide cutting edges stay sharper, longer when compared to steel. 

With these three profiles you can remove material quickly and create coves, beads, convex and concave shapes, create grooves, fillets, V-cuts and much more.

Round turning tool at work.

The Round Carbide Cutter produces a smooth finish on curved and concave surfaces and is a great tool for general turning. 

the square tool in action

The Square Carbide Cutter is used for removing large amounts of material quickly and also creates tenons and recesses accurately and efficiently. 

the diamond turning tool in action

The Diamond Shaped Carbide is used as a parting tool, as well as for creating tight coves and beads.

the set in closeup

If you're just starting out in turning and want a starter set that will last well beyond your early learning, then this three-piece set is perfect for you. And if you're an experienced turner, but want to try carbide as an option to high-speed steel tools, this set will do you nicely!