A Vertical Jig Taken To A Whole New Level!

Professional Vertical Router Sled

The VRS-200 is more than just a tool for vertical panel bits and cutting tenons at the router table or table saw. Its ability to safely hold the workpiece at multiple compound vertical angles opens up a world of new possibilities.

The VRS-200 in action on the router table.

A sled to hold a workpiece in a vertical position is nothing new, but we think this time we've come up with the ultimate vertical sled. Able to be used at a router table using the fence as a guide, or the included miter bar guide, the VRS-200 holds material accurately and safely. But it's not just for router tables. Table saws work too. Pretty much anywhere you might find an application.

Oversized rabbet created in one pass on the table saw.

While the top picture shows the VRS in full-blown router table operation, the image above shows the sled in use on the table saw (with the fence as the guide) to create an oversized rabbet with a dado stack. Yes, you could do this using just the fence, but a little wobble and that cut is ruined. The sled holds the piece tightly to provide the most accurate (and safest) cut possible.

How about an oversized miter cut? No problem!

With a slight adjustment to the setup (tipping the fence), you can cut a clean miter on the end of a board with little issue. But if you look closer, the board is also held at an angle across the fence! A compound miter, slick!

Multiple stops allow for accurate, repeatable angles on the fence.

The vertical plate has spring-loaded positive stops at 90°, 45°, 33.3°, 22.5° and 11.25°. But by using the clamping knob, you can easily adjust the fence to anywhere between 90 and 45 degrees!

The fences make angling your piece and holding it in place easy.

The durable HDPE clamping and positioning bars are easily adjustable for spacing and a variety of angles to suit your workpiece. And the included bar-mounted toggle clamp secures your workpiece against the vertical face with the flick of a handle. The clamp can be mounted to either bar, or extra clamps can be added to clamp on more than one bar.

The behind the scenes look at the VRS-200.

Seen from behind, the knobs to adjust the vertical fence and the sled itself are 3-wing handles for easy adjustment. The two handles make it easy to guide the sled without needing to grab the fence surfaces.

More helpful features on the underside of the sled.

On the underside of the sled, the 3/4" x 3/8" miter bar will fit any standard-sized miter slot. And while the weight of the milled-aluminum sled is great for chatter-free operation, the bottom is also covered with a anti-friction sheet to keep things sliding smoothly.

The only limit to this tool is your imagination.

So the next time you find yourself needing to cut a dovetail joint at the end of an angled chair leg, think of the VRS-200. This tool is only limited by your imagination!