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Kreg tools are a must-have for any woodworker or DIYer. The Kreg jig and pocket hole system allows you to create strong wood joints quickly and easily without special clamps or lots of woodworking expertise. The basic Kreg jig is a simple drilling guide that allows you to drill angled pocket holes in workpieces. You then use Kreg pocket hole screws to join the workpieces together. The stepped drill bit included with the Kreg jig drills a pocket hole to the ideal size and depth for the screws. The screws have a coarse thread and wide, flat head that pulls the joint tightly together as you drive the screw in.

Kreg jigs allow you to create super strong 90 degree joints, T joints, angled joints, joints in narrow spaces, and more. They open up new possibilities for DIY projects, such as building cabinets, furniture, shelving, and other wood pieces. You can create clean, tight-fitting wood joints without unsightly screw holes on the surface of your project. The Kreg screws draw the joint together incredibly tightly, resulting in joints that are very strong and stable. Kreg jigs range from small, portable models to heavy-duty industrial systems for the workshop. Many accessories are available as well, such as a stepped drill bit, pocket hole plugs for hiding the screw holes, a dust collection attachment, and more. For any woodworking project involving joining boards and parts, Kreg tools are an invaluable addition to the toolbox.