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INCRA Tools are renowned for their precision woodworking tools, especially their dovetail jigs and accessories. For over 30 years, INCRA has been at the forefront of innovative dovetail joinery, allowing woodworkers to achieve perfectly aligned dovetails with ease. Their signature precision positioning system provides unmatched accuracy and adjustability, enabling both beginners and experts to cut flawless dovetails for drawers, boxes, and furniture.

Beyond dovetail jigs, INCRA offers a wide array of precision woodworking tools to enhance any workshop. Their miter gauges and sleds allow for incredible accuracy when cross-cutting or making angled cuts. Marking and measuring tools like rules, squares and marking gauges ensure precision layouts and joinery fitting. Router table accessories provide enhanced control and precision for router-based tasks. From start to finish, INCRA's focus on clever designs and meticulous machining removes guesswork and frustration, instead enabling woodworkers to execute their visions with confidence, consistency, and creativity. For those seeking the pinnacle of precision in dovetailing and woodworking, INCRA Tools deliver professional-grade solutions for discerning craftspeople.