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Hock Tools knife kits are an exciting product for hobbyists and professionals alike who enjoy making their own knives. The kits provide all the necessary raw materials and components for crafting a high quality knife from scratch. Each kit includes a pre-shaped and pre-heat-treated blade blank made from premium steel like AEB-L or O1 tool steel, ensuring a strong and durable edge. The kits also come with handle scales made from beautiful materials like quilted maple, black canvas micarta, or exotic burlwoods that can be shaped and attached to the tang of the blade. Brass pins, washers, lanyard holes and other hardware allow the maker to assemble a full tang knife handle for a comfortable grip and artisanal look. For those new to knife making, the kits include helpful instructions walking the maker through grinding, shaping and polishing the blade, and assembling and finishing the handle. Even experienced knife makers appreciate the convenience of sourcing all the necessary raw materials in one place. The pride of completing a knife from start to finish using quality materials is extremely rewarding. Whether you're looking for a weekend project or a chance to learn a new skill, Hock Tools knife kits have everything needed to craft a custom knife to cherish for years to come.