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Earlex Accessories Keep Things Spraying Smoothly

The 8-pc. Spray Gun Cleaning Kit is an essential part of maintaining your HVLP system for optimal performance. Features five (5) brushes of various sizes and shapes to get even the tightest spots of your gun squeaky clean. Also comes with two (2) nozzle cleaners and one (1) pot of grease to lubricate all moving parts on HVLP system. It is recommended to use this cleaning kit after each use of your gun to ensure perfect performance.

What needle(s) do you need? Click here to see our Needle Selection and Viscosity guide.

Click here to download the Earlex Pro 5500 instruction manual.

HVLP Hints & Tips

  • Preparation is essential - remember to mask around the areas you are not spraying.
  • Take the time to ensure paint viscosity is correct. Thin paint as necessary using water or relevant thinners.
  • If you've never sprayed before, practice for a few minutes on a piece of cardboard to develop your technique.
  • Allow time for drying between coats.
  • Fine mists will generally dry faster than heavier coats. This will allow you to build up coats faster and there is less likelihood of runs.
  • Avoid spraying when windy.

Viscosity Cup

The viscosity cup is used to indicate if a spray material is thick or thin. Materials should be tested before spraying to see if thinning is required. The correct viscosity is important to ensure the material being sprayed atomizes correctly and sprays evenly. Make sure to download and read our Needle and Viscosity guide below.