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When the Boeing Company needed a better corrosion protectant and waterproof lubricant, they developed Boeshield T-9®, a revolutionary product that would protect metal surfaces like no other. After intensive research and experimentation, their engineers devised an innovative formula for the ultimate metal protectant. This product, christened Boeshield T-9, was engineered at the molecular level. T-9's unique blend of solvents and waxes was designed to penetrate deep into microscopic crevices in metal that moisture and corrosion lurk within. The waxy film that T-9 leaves behind displaces this moisture and minor corrosion while providing a long-lasting protective barrier. And because this barrier is slippery and smooth like Teflon, it also functions as a high-performance lubricant. T-9's abilities were so advanced that Boeing decided to patent it and license it under their prestigious name - the only product of its type to receive this honor.