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Hand planes are the foundation of any woodworking shop. No other tool can fine-tune a fit or finish of a workpiece with the accuracy and finesse of a hand plane.

Our selection of bench planes and bench plane packages give you everything you need to prepare a workpiece for assembly. From rough-planing with a scrub plane to initial smoothing with the jointer plane and jack plan and then final surface finishing with a smoothing plane, we've got you covered.

Smoothing Hand Plane

The smoothing hand plane is designed according to the specifications and requirements of leading joinery masters. In the production process, specific attention is given to the blade seat and mortise of the body. The plane mortise is designed to prevent the clogging of the plane mouth with wood shavings whereas the mouth is narrow enough to help prevent the chipping of the flattened surface. The blade angle of the smoothing plane is seated at a steeper 49° angle towards the flattened surface.

The smoothing plane is equipped with a steel alloy, 48mm-wide blade with a chipbreaker. The blade´s hardness (58HRC) is carefully checked and the resistance of the edge is greater than a standard blade. In the production of the smoothing plane, specific attention is given to the quality of processing, ergonomics, and comfortable handling. Our smoothing plane ideal for use for extended periods.

Jack Hand Plane

Like the smoothing hand plane, the jack hand plane is designed with joinery masters in mind. The jack plane features a lower 45°blade angle. The smoothing plane is equipped with a steel alloy, 48mm-wide blade with a chipbreaker with a hardness of 58HRC.

The jack plane is the "jack of all trades" hand plane that can pinch-hit as a jointer for shorter workpieces or as a smoothing plane for that final pass before assembly.

Scrub Hand Plane

For roughing a workpiece to thickness or to flatten warped or cupped workpieces, the scrub hand plane is a great solution — especially if you don't own a power jointer or planer.

Designed to remove a lot of material quickly, this plane is equipped with a steel alloy, 36mm-wide blade with a pronounced curve or camber.

Jointer Hand Plane

The body on our jointer hand plane is nearly 24" long. This makes the jointer plane ideal for flattening and jointing a workpiece. Ideal for small shops without the space for a power jointer.

5-pc. Bench Plane Package

If you're looking for an economical investment in quality hand planes, our 5-pc. Bench Plane Package is packed with value. It includes the smoothing plane, jack plane, scrub plane, jointer plane, and a brass mallet for making adjustments to the plane irons.

5-pc. Master Hand Plane Package

For the ultimate, money-saving hand plane package, check out our 12-pc. Master Hand Plane Package. You'll receive all of our bench planes, rabbet planes, and two plane-adjusting mallets to get your woodworking shop set up quickly.