The 6 Most-Used Router Bits in Your Woodworking Shop

6-Pc. Essential Router Bit Set

Looking for a great starter set or just upgrading your current router bit collection? Look no further than our 6-Piece Essential General Purpose Router Bit Set. This is the perfect set of most full sized routers and includes bits with bot 1/4" and 1/2" shank bits. 

Every workshop with a router will need to reach for one of these six router bits at some point in the project
Every workshop with a router will need to reach for one of these six router bits at some point in the project.

When a new woodworker starts outfitting their shop, one of the questions they have is, "What set of router bits should I buy?" A question that is sure to generate a lot of debate.

Traditionally, I'd always subscribed to the belief that you should buy router bits only as you need them. After all, what does a router bit manufacturer know about what bits I'll need at any given moment?

However, over time I've come to conclude that there are certain router bits that every woodworker will undoubtedly use frequently enough to call them basic workshop necessities. Infinity tools has assembled the perfect router bit set to fill this need. The 6-pc. Essential Router Bit Set (item 00-112) is, I have to say, the best collection of some of the most common bits I could ever want for my workshop.

From left to right: 38-190, 38-754 & 36-920
From left to right: 38-190, 38-754 & 36-920.

The 1/8"-radius (item 38-190) and 1/4"-radius (item 38-754) roundover router bits from this set probably see the most use in my shop. I use the 1/8"-radius bit most often to knock off the sharp edges on workpieces before assembly. One of the joys of woodworking is having friends and family touch and feel the completed piece, and a perfectly chamfered edge offers better tactile feedback than a sharp 90-degree corner. But there's another benefit to easing the sharp edges on your project - the finish. I worked for years for a coatings manufacturer, and one of the problems we faced on a regular basis was getting a coating to adhere to a sharp edge. It's very difficult, if not impossible to make a layer uniformly adhere to a sharp corner without thinning. So, take it from me, and do yourself a favor and ease the edges of your projects.

The round-over bits are dual-purpose. By simply increasing the depth of the bit, you can create a fillet, or step, adjacent to the round over. It's a common design element in moldings and trim on projects.

The chamfer bit (item 36-920) is another favorite of mine. Instead of using a round over bit, I'll use the chamfer bit. It leaves a nice, flat surface that creates a facet, or another dimension, to the piece. A chamfer bit used on the underside of a tabletop can help lighten the look of the piece by reducing the thickness of the top at the edges. Stopped chamfers are a common design element in frames and on furniture pieces.

This 1/2
This 1/2" shank, 1/2" diameter flush trim router bit (06-627) has a 1" cutter height

Another bit that gets a lot of heavy use in my shop is the flush-trim router bit (item 06-627). The flush-trim bit included in this set features down-shear cutting edges for a smoother finish than traditional straight flush-trim bits.

I use the flush-trim bit to trim hardwood edging applied to the edges of plywood shelves. It's handy for trimming the face frame flush on cabinetry. And if you're using a template to make parts a consistent shape, a flush-trim bit is the go-to tool. I wish I had a spare router table to keep a flush-trim bit installed at all times.

This straight router bit is great for cutting grooves and dadoes (item 11-628)
This straight router bit is great for cutting grooves and dadoes (item 11-628).

That brings me to the straight router bit (item 11-628). It's not only great for routing grooves, but it's perfect for a lot of joinery applications. It can cut perfectly smooth rabbets, tongues, and tenons. It's another bit I couldn't live without.

The perfect starter set for making rabbets (00-555).
The perfect starter set for making rabbets (00-555).

Finally, there's the rabbeting combo router bit set (item 00-555). This set includes a fantastic rabbeting bit and also a complete set of bearings. The bit, like the straight bit, features down-shear cutting edges for smooth rabbets. The set of seven bearings allow you to cut rabbets from 1/8" to 1/2"-wide. But here's the kicker: There's also a bearing that turns the rabbeting bit into a flush-trim bit, so you're really getting two functions out of one bit set.

All of Infinity's router bits are made with C4 micro-grain carbide. This means that the cutting edges are ultra-sharp and stay sharp longer. These are impressive bits worth every penny you invest in them.

So, even if you fall into the camp that says to only buy a router bit when you need it, you have to admit that you NEED all six of these bits, so buy 'em in the complete set (item 00-112). You'll surely get a lot of use out of them.