Reduce Eye Strain With Our Must-Have LED Magnifying Shop Light!

Magnifying LED Worklight with Dual Power & Dual Clamping

Our LED Work Light puts out an eye-opening flood of big bright light from it's 14 LED lights. The light is attached to a completely adjustable arm which is mounted on a magnetic base. You'll find it very easy to attach the work light on any piece of machinery in your shop.

The Magnifying LED Work Light (100-136) combines a magnifying glass and ring-style LED light with a fully adjustable arm and magnetic base. Makes is easy to see what you're doing and keep both hands free while you work! 

Let's face it, we don't all have perfectly lit shops and 20/20 vision. Heck, even if you do, there are still times that a magnifying glass or task light is handy. Performing machine maintenance, completing detailed woodworking projects, or just reading the tiny print on a can of finish, the Magnifying LED Work Light (100-136) can be a huge help.

The name says it all, this little gem is both a magnifying glass and a work light with a fully adjustable arm and a magnetic base. It attaches directly to any ferrous metal surface like a cast iron table saw or drill press top and for workbench use, it includes a metal clamp that fits on any table edge up to 2-1/2" thick.

This handy tool has a 3-1/2" viewing window with a 3x magnifying lens, a 14 LED ring light surround, an adjustable arm, and a magnetic base. It also includes a bench clamp for easy mounting on your workbench top up to 2-1/2" thick and a 120V AC power adapter cord. This dual power source light can also be powered with two AAA batteries.

The flexible arm can be easily adjusted so you can position the light and magnifier exactly where you need them for hands-free use. The magnifier frame houses the LEDs and almost swivels a full 180°. It can be rotated out of the way and back in place without moving the arm itself, a handy feature that keeps you working instead of fiddling with the light position.

The magnifying glass surround houses 14 LED bulbs that are efficient and provide a shadow-free work area to reduce eye strain.

The ring of 14 LEDs provides ample light for up-close tasks without being overly bright. The light can also be powered by two different power sources. You can choose to use either the included 120v  power cord or go cordless and use a pair of AAA batteries (not included).

The clamp-style metal base can be attached to any work surface up to 2-1/2" thick and provides a dock for the light's magnetic base. Clamping the base to the front of your work surface means the magnifying glass will be right where you need it when working on delicate projects.

The 3x magnifying glass offers a 3-1/2" diameter viewing window that is clear and easily focuses on your workpiece. We love this light because it provides an up-close view that won't strain your eyes. And as we age this becomes more and more important.

Next time you need an easy to position work light, a magnified view, or both, stop struggling and reach for an Infinity Tools Magnifying LED Work Light With Magnetic Base (100-136).