Premium Narex Chisels in an Exclusive Set

Narex Richter Bevel-Edge Chisels

Narex’s Richter line of chisels are the best the company makes. Their beveled side profiles come to a refined knife edge for fine joinery work, yet are still substantial enough to withstand mallet strikes.

The original Richter factory.

The Narex name in chisels may not be common to every woodworker in the U.S., but the company's heritage goes deep. The history reaches back to 1919 when blacksmith Vaclav Richter began manufacturing chisels and gimlets in the village of Bystřice u Benešova in what is now the Czech Republic. As a way to honor their 100-year anniversary, Narex produced its extra premium line of Richter chisels. They are made with high-end materials and using both traditional techniques and modern high-tolerance manufacturing processes. Narex Richter chisels are great all-around tools that perform equally well for delicate joinery but are still strong enough for mallet use.

The Narex Richter Chisels

About the Chisels

Forged from Rc59 manganese steel in the Czech Republic, these hornbeam handled western chisels move effortlessly through end grain and pairing work with little honing necessary out of the box, and hold an edge throughout the workday.

Perfect for dovetail work!

Shaped with a knifes-edge side profile, the chisels make it easy to work in tight spaces. Such as cleaning the waste from in between dovetails.

Paring wood is only one of the skills at which these chisels excel!

Our 8-piece set (1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2") will handle almost any task. Tasks like paring a delicate edge or taking a mallet blow to form a mortise.

Yes, they'll take a mallet hit as well.

Love the Tool Roll!

When you own a nice set of tools, you want to protect them! The included leather tool roll means all your chisels will be in good shape and ready to work — whether the work is at your bench, across the shop, or even on a job site! And with 14 pockets in the roll, you've got room for other tools (marking knives, dedicated mortising chisels and more).

Keep the chisels sharp and safe in this leather tool roll.

We've had the chance to try chisels at all levels of quality and price, but the Richter chisel line from Narex stands out from the crowd. And when you purchase our exclusive 8-piece set with the tool roll you're getting the best of the best! Great for at your bench, at your work, or on the go!

The complete set!