New Safety Gear Essentials for Your Shop

Our time in the workshop should be relaxing and enjoyable. After all, isn't that why we do woodworking? But, unfortunately, woodworking isn't without some risks. A lot of us take for granted basic safety precautions. Let's face it, safety in the workshop is mostly governed by common sense. Read the instructions for any power tool you use, keep your fingers away from the path of cutting edges like saw blades, chisels, drill bits, etc.

When it comes to the workshop, hearing and eye protection should also be a top priority. Flying sawdust and debris is a real danger, as well as damaging noise from routers, planers, and other power equipment. Getting in the habit of wearing hearing and eye protection will pay off down the road by helping to prevent ear and eye injury.

Getting in the habit of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is largely governed by how comfortable it is. We think we've got a great selection of PPE that not only offers protection, but is comfortable to boot.


Let's start with eye protection. We should all be wearing some form of eye protection most of the time in our shops, especially when using power tools. Even when using hand tools, like hammers and chisels, eye protection is more than a good idea. And when working with metal, eye protection is a must.

Infinity Cutting Tools offers a range of eye protection equipment to suit most any task in the shop. Let's start with basic safety glasses. These glasses are inexpensive enough that you should have several scattered throughout the shop. There's really no excuse not to have them. We offer our Turbo Safety Glasses for those that don't wear prescription glasses. Their wrap-around design has you covered.

For those of us that are required to wear corrective, prescription eyewear, the Infinity Cutting Tools Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses are just the ticket. They're light enough that you forget you're wearing them. And their telescoping temples means a perfect fit with long-lasting comfort for all-day shop use.

If you're looking for more coverage, take a look at the Infinity Cutting Tools 3/4 Lower Face Safety Shield and Full Face Safety Shield. They're unique because you wear them like a pair of glasses. Yet they offer more face coverage for flying debris.

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And let's not forget hearing protection. I see a lot of folks neglecting this important safety gear. When using power tools, the decibel levels can cause permanent hearing loss. When you think about it, there's an easy fix. Simply get in the habit of wearing earplugs or ear muffs before you turn on any power tool. When shopping for hearing protection equipment, look for a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of about 25 decibels. The Infinity Cutting Tools Silencer NRR 26 Earmuffs feature a NRR of 26 decibels plus, they're fully adjustable and comfortable to wear.


Perhaps the most common nuisance in the workshop is sawdust. I'm not talking about the big chunks that fall to the floor. Nope. The more sinister culprits are the dust particles that float around in the air. Breathe in too much airborne dust, and you're asking for some respiratory difficulty down the road.

Fortunately, there's an easy solution to airborne dust. Infinity Cutting Tools offers a few solutions. First are the N95 disposable dust masks. These aren't your cheap, home center dust masks. They have a more robust design than typical dust masks and are designed for comfort and a tight fit. At less than $1 a mask, it's easy to keep a box handy in the shop.

Infinity Cutting Tools also offers a washable dust mask. The Dust Bee Gone mask filters dust particles down to 3 microns.

Infinity Cutting Tools Dust Bee Gone Mask

If you use a lot of solvents in your shop or work with finishes, you'll want to consider the 1/2-face respirators by Infinity Cutting Tools. They include organic vapor cartridges to help protect against volatile fumes. But they also include N95 dust filters. The dust filters snap onto the vapor cartidges for added protection against airborne dust and organic vapors at the same time. We think its the perfect solution in PPE for the workshop.


Working in the shop means that you're going to get your hands dirty. Whether it's the glue from assembling a project, stain when finishing a project, or grease and grime from tearing apart a piece of machinery, Infinity Cutting Tools nitrile gloves come to the rescue. They're just the right thickness for providing heavy-duty protection for your hands. Plus, they have textured fingertips to help when gripping objects. These nitrile gloves are also resistant to most solvents and cleaners. They're much more durable than latex gloves.


There are times when you need full-body protection from dust, paint overspray, and general grease and grime. For those applications, Infinity Cutting Tools offers disposable coveralls. They're made from a breathable, lightweight yet strong material that resists tearing. In other words, you won't mind wearing them for a lot of shop tasks when you need to keep your clothes protected. The arms and legs even have elastic cuffs to create a tight seal. Oh...and by the way...if you like to repair your own vehicles, these are great to have on hand for oil changes. And keep a pair in your vehicle in case of roadside emergencies.

The bottom line is, there's no excuse not to use the appropriate personal protective equipment in the shop. Take the time to make sure you have all of the safety gear you need. But more importantly, make sure you use it.