Narex Hand Stitched Riffler Rasps Are A Cut Above

Narex Hand-Stitched Riffler Rasps

Narex Riffler Rasps feature hand-stitched teeth creating a fast but smooth cutting tool that is ideal for shaping and refining details in furniture, instruments, and carvings where larger tools won’t fit. Available individually in 8 different shapes or in a complete 8-piece set, these tools give you the ability to smooth and shape almost any detail imaginable.

Rifflers are in a class of their own. If shown one, many woodworkers would call them files or funny little rasps. But rifflers definitely deserve a spot in the toolbox for their ability to curve shapes or to work in areas that are hard to reach. Keep reading to see why even the average woodworker needs these in their toolbox.

One thing that is absolutely necessary is for the riffler to cut quickly and leave a smooth surface. Hand-cut rasps do just that; they leave a surface that will require a minimal amount of scraping or sanding to be ready for finish and this will save you time and aggravation. Narex goes the extra mile when making these rifflers because they hand cut the teeth instead of using a machine. Hand stitching is the traditional method of making rasps and rifflers and involves a skilled craftsman using a small chisel and hammer to individually create each and every tooth. If this sounds like labor-intensive work that requires a great deal of skill that's because it is.

Ironically, the very thing that makes a hand-stitched riffler so much better than an equivalent machine-made version is the imperfection. The human touch that imparts a slightly irregular size and pattern to the teeth eliminates the tendency of the teeth to cut ridges in the workpiece, and grab and catch. These traits combine to make a tool that both cuts faster and leaves a smoother surface in one neat little package.

Each of the Narex Hand Stitched Rifflers has a fine-tooth count with roughly 60 teeth per square centimeter, the same as the Fine Hand Stitched Cabinet Maker's Rasp (101-727) that we sell here. This fine pattern allows the tool to leave a relatively smooth surface while still cutting quickly enough to smooth and refine details in carvings and moldings efficiently. Made from carbon steel and hardened to a 49 HRc, these Rifflers are made to last.

These Narex Rifflers are available in 8 different profiles. Each is unique and allows you to shape different profiles. Whether you need to shape a sharp corner with the triangular shape or refine a cove with the round profile a riffler is available to suit the task.

One unique trait of rifflers is that most are curved. This curve allows the tool to reach deep into recesses or shape both inside and outside (concave and convex) curves. If you have ever found yourself trying to sand an intricate profile to remove chatter, or simply sand into tight places, rifflers are the tools you have been missing.

The Narex hand-stitched rifflers are of the finest quality we've seen and compare to other high-end brands that cost much more. Like all other Narex tools they are hand-made in the Czech Republic, a part of Europe that has a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and making high-quality tools. When the time comes to smooth over an area that is hard to reach or requires the delicate touch of a perfectly shaped tool you'll be glad you've got this set on hand.