MicroJig Matchfit System — Why It's a Good Idea for Workholding!

MicroJig Matchfit Dovetail Hardware & Clamping Packages

MicroJig's MATCHFIT dovetail-slot jig, fixture, and clamping system is one of the most versatile and easy to use we've come across. The system allows quick manufacture of make sleds, clamping surfaces, or really any type of jig you can think of without needing t-track—the only limit is your creativity.

MicroJig Matchfit, what's the big deal? Well, I'll tell you! The Matchfit system is designed to replace and improve the quality and flexibility of traditional t-track clamping systems. T-Track is great, but it's not always immediately available, it isn't cheap, and it doesn't always suit the situation (just run into it with an expensive router bit if you need proof). Matchfit is comprised of various hardware and specialized clamps designed to slide into a 14°, 1/2" dovetail slot making any surface a clamping surface.

The system is built around the custom dovetail bit. Generally a standard 14°, 1/2" dovetail bit,  however this bit has an added 1/16" roundover that finishes off the lip of the dovetail groove. 

This roundover removes the "fuzz" often left by standard dovetail slots, saving in clean-up time and makes a finished, more hand-friendly edge to the dovetail slot. 

As mentioned, the system is designed to replace t-tracks. The Matchfit system requires a shallower-depth cut in the material, maintaining more base material for strength. And speaking of strength...

Short screws are used to hold t-tracks in place, and if a clamp is unsupported at the top of the track, the clamp will easily lift the track right out of the groove. Not the preferred method.

The shape of the Matchfit dovetail changes the lifting pressure of the clamp from straight up and directs it against the stronger sides of the dovetail slot, adding strength. This protects the slot and improves clamping pressure. 

The Matchfit system also includes mounting hardware that can be used to make your own specialty hold-downs and supports to fit unique situations, and still benefit from the shape and support of the dovetail slot.

Ideas for how to use the MicroJig Matchfit system are only limited by your imagination. Work smarter!