iGaging 2-Pc. Bench Square Set, Perfect for Layout & Tool Setup

iGaging Bench Square Set

The iGaging 4" & 7" Bench Square Set includes one 4” and one 7” square, one mechanical pencil, and one pack of replacement lead all stored in a durable fitted storage case. It's the perfect set for woodworkers, furniture makers, and anyone that requires precision measuring and layout equipment.

iGaging Bench Square Set (100-125)
iGaging Bench Square Set (100-125)

One tool that every woodworker needs is an accurate square. Why, you ask? Because woodworking requires an accurate square for almost every part of every project.  Confirming that workpieces are milled accurately, laying out joinery, and setting up woodworking machines all require an accurate square. The iGaging Bench Square Set (100-125) performs all of these tasks and a bunch more. Let's take a close look at all the boxes that the iGaging Bench Squares tick and that most others don't.

A Square Must Be Square

First and foremost, a square must be square. This means that the edges of the square must form a true 90° corner. This may sound obvious but often squares, especially budget versions, are not made to adequate tolerances for woodworking. Most squares found at the home center are intended for construction and are perfectly adequate for building a house. Building fine furniture is a different story. Even precision L-shape squares can be compromised if they take a tumble off the workbench. This is where the iGaging Bench Square (100-125) set really shines. When creating this set, iGaging clearly had the woodworker and furniture maker in mind. It includes a 4" and 7" square, a mechanical pencil, and some extra lead, all packaged in a fitted storage case.

Setting saw blade angle with the iGaging 4
Setting saw blade angle with the iGaging 4" Bench Square

Triangles Equal Strength

The triangular shape stainless steel blades are distinct. The exceptionally robust design of these squares ensures they will stay square with heavy use. While the triangular shape is most often seen in carpenters speed squares, the iGaging Bench Squares are held to an impressively tight tolerance of .005". The triangular shape also means each square can be used to check both 90° and 45° angles. The stainless steel blades themselves are machined with deliberate cutouts that form additional angles at 30° and marking edges parallel to the blades themselves. Each square also features a series of perforated holes that allow you to locate the point of the included pencil for easy marking every 1/8" down the length of a workpiece. Both sides of the blades are laser marked with scales guaranteed to be accurate within .0015" and appear on almost every location you could possibly need for laying out joinery.

Using the offset base allows you to mark 1/4
Using the offset base allows you to mark 1/4" and 3/8" offsets, two of the most common dimensions in woodworking.

A Better Base

Both squares have an offset precision-machined anodized aluminum base.  This means the base overhangs the blade 1/4" on one side and 3/8" on the other. That's right, the base on these squares functions as a setup block allowing you to perform extremely common markings on the edges and ends of boards. Making it easy to mark the center of 3/4" stock or layout a 1/4" tenon. The aluminum base also allows the square to stand upright. This makes it perfect for setting the height of router bits and saw blades.

The included case keeps your squares safe and organized when not in use.
The included case keeps your squares safe and organized when not in use.

A Case, Just In Case

Precision tools require safe storage. This is why the iGaging Bench Squares Set includes a fitted storage case. This fitted case protects your investment from damage. It also helps keep everything clean and organized. While these squares are arguably more durable than their traditional counterparts, there is no need to cause unnecessary damage and wear. The case also houses the included mechanical pencil and extra lead. While this may seem like a small detail, it is nice to know you won't have to go searching for a pencil as long as you remember to drop it back in the case when done.

Two Sizes Are Better Than One

Woodworkers often need more than one size square. Simply put, your square should match the scale of your work. Often a large square won't fit into the tight places on large furniture or at all in small projects. Similarly, a small square is not ideal for working on large projects. This is why the iGaging Bench Square Set includes a 4" and a 7" square. I find the 4" square perfect for smaller projects including just about every type of box. It also shines at checking saw blades and fences for squareness. The 7" square is perfect for laying out cut lines and marking for joinery. This longer than average blade seems to be perfectly suited for most hardwood lumber.

Upgrading your squares is a great way to improve your woodworking projects by ensuring every machine you own and cut you make is accurate. Stop struggling with those old inconsistent squares, Invest in the high-quality iGaging Bench Square Set (100-125), and bring your projects to the next level.