Dadonator XL – Sawstop-Ready, and Better Than Ever!

Four Blade Dado Stack

A typical dado set requires six blades to assemble a full ¾” dado stack.  With the all-new Dadonator XL, you can set up a full dado stack with only four blades.  That’s the kind of convenience that makes a difference in the shop day in and day out.  By using a pair of massive ¼” wide chippers, not only do you get unrivaled flat bottom grooves and precision joinery, but lightning-fast blade changes as well.  With the totally redesigned Dadonator XL you get all the great features you loved about the original Dadonator, plus innovative features designed for convenience, reduced weight, and Sawstop compatibility.

Redesigned Outer Blades

The 24 tooth outer blades have been updated for Sawstop compatibility, while maintaining high ATB carbide teeth for splinter-free cuts in plywood and solid lumber alike.  All blades on the Dadonator XL feature a negative hook angle to virtually eliminate exit chipout.

Star of the Show

The massive ¼” XL chippers steal the spotlight with this new entry in the dado blade market.  Cutouts in the extra-thick chipper body reduce weight and make the blades easy to handle.  With six carbide teeth per chipper, the Dadonator XL produces flat-bottom dados and grooves in a variety of materials, not to mention the unique ability to set up a full dado stack with just four blades!    

Hardwood Joinery Hero

Most dado blades do a respectable job with basic cuts in plywood, but hardwood joinery is what really separates the pack.  The 6-tooth chipper design, exclusive to the Dadonator XL creates crisp shoulders and precision joinery with ease.

Flat-Bottom Cuts. Period.

The pair of extra-wide ¼” XL chippers combine with the 6-tooth design for some of the flattest, smoothest cuts we’ve ever seen.  Maintain crisp shoulder detail, with smooth cheek cuts that “appear to have been cut with a single blade.”  Imagine tablesaw joinery with a perfect friction fit, right off the saw.  That’s a reality with the innovative new Dadonator XL.

Make a Smooth Exit

If you’ve used a standard dado set with aggressive hook angles and only two or four teeth per chipper, you’ve undoubtedly experienced exit chipout.  This is where the aggressive cutting action chips out material as the blade exits the workpiece.  To combat this common problem, Infinity employs a negative hook angle – but not just on the outer blades.  With the Dadonator XL you get negative hook angle on all of the 6-tooth chippers as well.

Compromise Nothing

Just because the Dadonator XL comes with a pair of ¼” wide XL chippers, doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice the versatility of the original.  Included with each set are two 24 tooth outer blades, two ¼” XL chippers, one 1/8” chipper, one 3/32” undersized chipper for easy plywood setups, and a thin 1/16” chipper along with a plastic shim set for nearly unlimited combinations of custom dado sizes.                            *shown with optional dado storage case, available separately   

The all-new Infinity Dadonator XLtm is unlike any other dado set you’ve used.  With innovative features for convenience, premium performance, and Sawstop compatibility it’s sure to become a shop favorite.  Order yours today at infinitytools.com