Better-Looking Projects with Miniature Raised-Panel Door Router Bit Set

Mini Door Router Bit Sets

Our Miniature Ogee Rail & Stile and Raised Panel Bit Set is the perfect solution to dressing up smaller projects. Create small doors for jewelry armoires, clocks, or decorative raised-panel lids for small boxes. Best used with stock from 1/2" to 3/4" thick to create a 1/16"-3/32" fillet on the profile.

There are a lot of projects where a small, raised-panel frame is the perfect complement. Everything from jewelry boxes to small cabinets can benefit from a miniature-sized raised panel with rail and stile frame construction.

Here at Infinity we offer a 3-piece miniature door-making router bit set (00-520) that includes ogee rail and stile router bits with a matching ogee raised panel router bit. It's perfect for all those smaller projects where a full-sized, standard raised panel would just be too big. This set also comes with its own setup block to make it that much easier to set the proper height of the rail and stile bits for great results.

The Infinity  miniature rail and stile router bit set is unique in that it can be used in material from 1/2" to 3/4" thick. This miniature door set can be used to make frames for everything from miniature furniture and small boxes all the way up to raised panel drawer fronts in 3/4" material for kitchens and bathroom cabinet projects. Unlike a standard rail and stile set the miniature set creates a 1/4" profile with a 5/32" groove for the panel to fit into.

The miniature ogee raised panel router bit completes the 3-piece door-making set. This bit creates an ogee profile raised panel and cuts a 5/8" wide profile (about 1/2" when in the frame with room to breath), producing a very nice reveal.

If you want to make your miniature raised panel from the same thickness of material as the frame, you'll need to back-cut the panel to create a tongue to fit into the frame's groove. A 00-555 rabbeting router combo bit set is a perfect choice to make a back cut because you can tailor the reveal to your liking.

All three of the miniature door bits are made to the same high standards you would expect from any Infinity router bit including 1/2" shanks with bearings to make setup easy. You can even use these bits with templates to make miniature arched raised-panel doors, for instance.

The router bits also have the same micro-grain carbide cutter as the rest of our router bits for excellent lifespan. Just because they're small does not mean we skimp on the quality.

If you've ever wanted to make raised panels for those smaller projects, the Infinity 3-pc. miniature door-making set is just what the doctor ordered.

If you want to get even more mileage from the miniature ogee raised panel bit you can substitute a 3/16" I.D. x 7/8" O.D. bearing for the 1/2" O.D. bearing that comes with the bit. With this combination, you can rout a very attractive edge detail for both cabinet frames and solid drawer fronts that perfectly complements our 3-Pc. Cabinetmaker's Ogee Router Bit Set for full-size cabinet doors.