7 Awesome Router Bits Make This a Pro Router Bit Set

 Tools 7-pc. Professional Router Bit Set (00-113)
Tools 7-pc. Professional Router Bit Set (00-113)

7-Pc. Professional Router Bit Set

We've designed a general purpose router bit set for the woodworker who demands both quality and value. If you're looking for a high-quality bit set that will give you the best bang for your buck while giving you the most useful cutters in the shop, look no further. Packaged in our attractive wood case, this 7-piece professional router bit set will be your trusty companion, providing you with years of loyal cutting service.

However you store your router bits, I'm sure there are a few that are the easiest to reach because you use them more often than the others. And I'll just bet that the 7 router bits you use the most are the same ones included in the Infinity Tools 7-pc. Professional Router Bit Set (00-113).

As the graphic below shows, you can get a multitude of profiles and uses from this set of router bits. Each bit features a 1/2"-dia. shank and micro-grain carbide cutting edges for the smoothest cut and lasting sharpness. The set comes complete in a handy storage box.

The roundover bits (38-880 - 1/2"-radius, left, above & 38-817 - 3/8"-radius, center, above) not only ease the sharp edges of workpieces, but you can set the depth to create a small step, or fillet, to create a common, decorative profile. The cove bit (37-850 - right, above) is handy for a lot of operations, as well. Besides the obvious use of making a cove cut along the edge of a workpiece to create a molding, you can create stacked molding using the cove bit in combination with the roundover bits to create a variety of classic profiles.

The chamfer bit (36-920 - above, left) is great for creating shadow lines along the edges of a workpiece to add visual interest to your finished project. And no woodworking shop is complete without a flush-trim bit and pattern bit (06-627 - center). From cutting odd-shaped workpieces using templates to trimming shelf edging flush, this pair of bits is a must-have. The 3/4"-dia. straight bit (12-690B - right) is great for cutting dadoes and grooves, as well as rabbets, for a lot of joinery options. At the router table, you can use the straight bit to cut tenons, tongues, half-lap joints, and other versatile options. With the included bearing, you can turn this bit into a pattern bit.

Our 7-pc. set not only includes a rabbeting bit (35-350), it also includes a set of bearings (RB-155) that allow you to create rabbets in up to six different widths and convert the straight bit to a pattern bit. You won't find this in a lot of router bit sets from our competitors. So you see, with the inclusion of the bearings, this router bit set is really a lot more than 7 pieces. And when you buy the set, you're saving over $60 than if you buy all of the pieces individually. However you add it up, it's a good value for the highest quality router bits, so order yours today.