3-Pc. Router Bit Set for Drawers, Doors, Boxes & More!

3-Pc. Ultimate Joinery Router Bit Set

Our 3-Pc. Joinery Router Bit set includes every cutter you need to make attractive boxes, cabinets, furniture and more. These bits will make your projects quicker, easier, and, most importantly, better looking.

If you've been woodworking for any length of time it's very likely you've used one (or all) of these router bits for your joinery tasks. We get so many requests for these joinery router bits that we decided to offer them at a very attractive package price. The 3-Pc set includes (from left to right) our Drawer Locking Bit (55-512), the Reverse Glue Joint Bit (55-501) and our Lock Miter Bit (55-502).

Using a locking joint in drawer construction provides great strength in a cabinet part that takes a lot of abuse.

Using a locking joint in drawer construction provides great strength in a cabinet part that takes a lot of abuse.

Minimum material thicknesses for the Drawer Lock Joint Router Bit are 3/4" for the drawer front and from 1/2" to 3/4"-thick for the sides. When making a box-type drawer use the same thickness material for the rear face as used for the front. The material must be flat and square with accurate 90-degree end cuts for the joints to be straight and the drawer flat.

Using a locking drawer joint shows that you expect this drawer to last for generations and hold everything tossed in. Make bomb-proof drawer sides with our Drawer locking Router Bit.

Fast, accurate glue-ups and strong joints are the trademark of this reverse glue joint router bit. Use it to fabricate large panels for doors, cabinets or table tops.

Butting two pieces of wood together for a glue joint will almost always cause some slippage. Our Glue Joint Router Bit holds things in place and increases glue surface for stronger door panels, table tops and more!

When properly centered, the upper and lower shoulders of the cut will be of equal height. Make sure to rout one half of each joint face down, the other half face up. Use with stock from 1/2" to 1-1/4" thick.

Use Infinity premium-quality lock miter router bits to cut super-strong 45° miter joints on kitchen cabinetry, drawers, four-sided planters, boxes, shadowboxes, and much more.

Our 45° Lock Miter router bits (and our set-up blocks) create strong, accurate miter joints for a wide variety of applications! Set up lock miter router bits for perfect joints in minutes, with minimal setup and less hassle!

You won't appreciate the strength (and beauty) of this essentially hidden joint until you make your own.

The 3-Pc set includes these bits in a custom wooden storage box. 

  • Use the the Drawer Locking Bit (55-512) to make strong, well-fit joints for quality drawer construction. Our Drawer Lock Bit produces durable, distinctive joints for any drawer application!
  • The Reverse Glue Joint Bit (55-501) is for fast, accurate glue-ups. Strong joints are the trademark of this bit and it's perfect for fabricating large panels for doors or cabinets.
  • The Lock Miter Jr. Bit (55-502) cuts the strongest miter joints you'll ever use. Designed for stock from 3/8" to 3/4" you can build boxes, frames, beams, and many other right-angle joints.