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Eye Candy Pigments are high-quality Mica pigments with a super fine powdery consistency and outstanding color consistency. Eye Candy Pigments are Non-Toxic and can be used in all types of woodworking projects. When mixed into epoxy they are perfect for everything from cast resin and live edge river tables to serving boards and coasters. They can even be used in candle making, screen printing, and are often used to color automotive paints. 

A little Goes a Long Way
One 50 Gram container is enough to color roughly 1 to 2 gallons of Epoxy depending on the desired look. The 5-gram packets included in our 30-Pc. Sample Pack are perfect for coloring up to one quart of epoxy giving you plenty for multiple small projects or to experiment and make the perfect blend for your next large table project. 

Popular Uses

  • Epoxy colorant
  • Paint colorant
  • Candle making
  • Jewelry making

What Exactly Is Mica
Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that is relatively clear and shiny. It is also able to readily absorb dies and take on almost any color imaginable. When used as a pigment Mica will not dissolve. This allows it to stay suspended in a substrate like paint or epoxy to impart color. While most Eye Candy Pigments have a size of between 10 to 60 microns some colors such as Icicle and 14k Nugget Gold may have a larger particle size up to 700 microns. This is important to know if using Eye Candy Pigments in paints for spray applications. For epoxy projects these larger particle sizes allow the natural glimmer of the Mica particles to shine through.