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Our Infinity-branded woodworking hand planes are made for us by a European manufacturer that has been making quality hand tools for over 100 years. They're made of dense European beech with a hornbeam sole to provide years of service in your woodworking shop. Quality machining ensures a fit and finish you'll be proud to display on your tool shelf. The premium alloy steel blades paired with the plane body will likewise last for years to come.


Our complete line of woodworking bench hand planes includes a scrub plane, jack plane, smoothing plane, and jointer plane. Everything you need to bring a workpiece to rough dimensions and finish up with a glass-smooth surface. Start with the scrub plane to flatten a board, remove twist and cupping, and bring the workpiece to rough thickness. The jack plane and jointer plane will begin the smoothing process to make the workpiece flat and straight and bring it to final thickness. Finally, use a smoothing plane to take whisper-thin shavings, resulting in a smooth surface that can't be rivaled with sandpaper.


The rabbet plane has a variety of uses in the wooodworking shop. From creating rabbets and tongues to fine-tuning a dado or groove, the rabbet plane is a go-to tool for creating perfect, gap-free joinery.

The double rabbet hand planes are unique in that they provide two locations for the plane iron or blade. They can be used as bullnose planes to get tight into a corner for making stopped rabbets, for example. Or, they can be used as a traditional rabbet plane with the iron located closer to the midpoint of the plane body.

Our rabbet hand plane and skewed rabbet hand plane feature an adjustable nose to allow you to fine-tune the mouth opening.


If you're looking for a tremendous value in woodworking hand planes, look no further than our hand plane packages. We've assembled a number of packages that provide tremendous value. Our bench plane package will get you going in a hurry with the most commonly used hand planes. The rabbet plane package includes every rabbet plane we offer. Finally, our master hand plane package gets you all of our hand planes. It's perfect for outfitting your shop in a hurry while saving money. All of our hand plane packages include mallets used to adjust the irons in the hand planes.