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DMT (Diamond Machining Technology) sharpeners are a popular choice for sharpening tools and knives. Unlike regular sharpening stones that use abrasives like aluminum oxide, DMT sharpeners use industrial grade diamond abrasives that are bonded to a metal substrate. This allows them to cut aggressively and remove material quickly, ideal for repairing very dull edges or re-profiling blades. DMT makes several types of sharpeners including bench stones, pocket stones, and guided systems. Their diamond bench stones come in coarse, fine, and extra-fine grits for everything from initial bevel setting to final polishing. Many woodworkers, carpenters, chefs, and knife enthusiasts appreciate DMT's sharpeners for their speed, consistency, and durability compared to natural whetstones. The monocrystalline diamond abrasive simply doesn't wear out or dish like regular stones. While expensive upfront, a DMT diamond stone can last a lifetime if properly cared for. They require frequent flattening to expose fresh diamond particles but this can be done easily with DMT's diamond lapping plate. For those looking to get the sharpest edges on their tools and knives, DMT's sharpeners are an excellent choice albeit with a premium price tag. Their patented diamond sharpening technology outlasts and outperforms most other options.