Customizable Stock-Image Branding Irons

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Customizable Stock-Image Branding Irons

Choose from a great selection of stock image branding designs and add your personal touch (name, initials, etc.). These irons are avialable in both flame- and electric-heating versions. Adds a beautiful touch to any crafted gift or family heirloom. Heat the flame heated version with a propane torch, or most any open flame. The electric model comes complete with a heating element and allows the interchangeability of branding heads.


• Ideal for: wood (smooth and flat)

• Good for: leather, plastics, wax, soap

• Not recommended for: rough wood, food, PVC, rubber, wooden barrels

Product Details

• Branding Plate Material: Copper

• Electric Branding Iron Includes our STS-100 Electric Heating Element

• Delivery time for your custom iron is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Personalize, protect, and add value